Monday, March 16, 2009

Waiting for Cohen

We went to a baby shower for our wonderful friends, Nichole and Rob, on Saturday night. Their friend's, Sean and Darcy, hosted it at their home and it was wonderful. Hands down the best baby shower I've been too. Men were invited to, so it was a little more of a party celebration rather than a shower, but they got showered with lots of great gifts and lots of love from their friends and family, and that's what it is all about!

Nic looked absolutely beautiful, she does have the glow. Her due date is April 28. She is smiley and her usual positive wonderful self. Rob is a cute proud daddy to be who still thinks he won't be changing any diapers, ha. Lawrence doesn't understand why men don't want to change diapers. He says it is the one part of parenting that is cut and dry. There is a beginning and an end, along with a sense of accomplishment, all within a relatively short period of time. There aren't that many things you can say that about in parenting! Josh and Shawna (and Rachel) came over to watch our kids for the evening while we went out and enjoyed some adult time (at a baby shower, how ironic!). Lawrence couldn't keep away from the yummy dessert table Darcy had set up. His eyes almost popped out of his head when he found a brownie on a stick.

I think Lawrence might have also got roped into doing Hood to Coast again this year as Rob's replacement. I told Rob not to stop training even if he doesn't do it. He said the sweetest thing, "I'm training for Cohen, not for Hood to Coast". Ahh. Lawrence said he was doing the same thing, that he didn't want his belly in the way when he bent down to put on snow boots. Good job dads, getting healthy for their babes! :)

These photos don't show the masses of people and love they had, there must have been 40-60 people there. It was a very fun night for a very fun couple.

Cohen Dean we can't wait to meet you little guy!

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