Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Vote for my friend Beth's chair...even if you don't like it best!

Beth writes "I recently drank some champagne and created a chair out of the cork and foil for a design contest hosted by Design Within Reach. Lo and behold! My drinking and designing paid off, and my wee chair was selected as one of the top fifty finalists in the challenge. Now I need your help to win the category of "popular vote" (and all of the fame and glory that goes along with such an award!)Here's how you can help: each chair will be posted on the DWR Blog one day between now and Monday, February 9, where DWR Blog readers will be able to vote and pick their favorite.Please visit the blog and get out the vote here at:

It is the last one listed on Feb 4! Thanks for supporting her!

For fellow MCT nerds...this is the Beth Blair from camp...

Carrie, you should get into something like this, you like to drink and design right!?!?!

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