Monday, February 2, 2009

Groundhog's Day - 19 month random updates

Today Lily was not happy that "Truksatony Phil" saw his shadow. She does not want 6 more weeks of winter and took it personally that it was the case.

Somehow we have avoided all the flu guck that has been going around. Unfortunately this morning Addie woke with a runny nose. Great, and she finally has started sleeping good again! She still had a great day though.

It is my oldest friend, Mandy's bday today. Not oldest in age, longest time. Anyway, when I called her this morning to tell her happy bday while on my way into work on the Max she told me that she is now that mom who yells at coaches for not playing her daughter enough in the basketball games. It both brought me back to the days of playing basketball on the "C" and "B" teams as well as fast forwarded me ahead to the days of (please please) having a good yet well liked teenager, and how then things are even hard. Parenting is not for wusses. And there are things you will always realize about yourself that are "not how you were planning to be"...probably even onto their wedding day, first baby, and beyond. Hopefully somehow you can get through it all in the right order and still being as close knit family.

Addie has been very funny lately. She put her own pants and shoes on this weekend. Shoes she's been doing for about a week, and pants she tries and get the legs in, but Saturday she pulled them up and got them over her little bum. Cute. She loves to help clean up as well as play with big kids. She's talking quite a bit, and when she's not saying real words, she jabbering on and on. Remember the only thing modeled for her is NON STOP talking, so she thinks that you are just supposed to do that, never let a moment of silence pass through.

Tonight when I got home, everyone was kneeling on the couch, looking out the window. Lily opened the door for me, and was smiling so big, when Addie saw me she let out the sweetest little squeal. Then she ran outside on the porch in her feety pajamas in the dark. She was running around in circles. Then she came in and said "nigh nigh ousigh". When I do Lily's hair in the morning she (being only slightly outside of bald) points to her head saying "pee pee" (pretty), so I have to bring my brush and my detangle spray over to her bald head and pretend to "do" it. She smiles and loves it. I can get one, even two little ponies in her hair, but it looks like a tiny wad of gum got stuck in. Plus I don't want to accidentally pull out any of the precious hairs. She was really sweet and cuddly with Tamara this morning, and that made me happy. Though at times I get stressed out and totally sweat the small stuff, Tamara takes great care of the kids and the house and the kids really love her. Today she came without her kids and she helped Lily clean her room. It wasn't extremely clean, but it was better. Lily continues to take any and every little scrap of nothing, cut it up, glue it back together, put on some ribbon tape, and wa-la, it is a project worth saving forever. She also takes an hour of "quiet time" in her room every day. This leads to more projects than I know what to do with. All the feet of art line in the world can't help clean up this mess. Whatever, the laundry was done for them and put away. Yee Haw.

I can actually say, for this moment and this moment only...all the laundry in our house is clean and put away, except for what we wore today. Savour the moment because this too shall pass, and pass quickly. What can I say? I had a productive weekend. Now if I could get to those tasks that don't reproduce.

Today at work, my employee was gone, and a weight had lifted. Even though it was a lot more work from me, and I had to recover some important papers from her recycling box, it was better. I do worry for her. My other employee, Jerry, who is a 70-something ex controller, told me that if a day ever comes as a manager that you don't feel bad about firing an employee, no matter how much they deserve it or how much it will help your department, you should stop managing people because it means you just don't care. That made me feel better. Of course the people pleaser in me just hopes...she's not mad at me...ha! I don't think it quite works that way. Oh well. It's just that my first ever "enemy" burned my house down. Can I help it if I look over my shoulder a little when I do something that would make someone's life harder? It just isn't my style.

Addie's favorite animal is a Monkey. She says "monk monk". On Friday night, the girls were both in PJs and watching Elmo goes to the dr for movie night. I was folding some laundry and Addie came over to the bin and pulled out her Monkey PJs. She unbottoned and unzipped from chin to foot the feety pjs she had on, and had me help her put the monkey ones on instead. Then she went to the folded pile and got Lily's Curious George PJs out and brought her the tops, came back, looked through the stack for the bottoms, and brought those to Lily too. Saying "monk monk" the whole time. Lily's CG PJs are getting a little small and short at 3T, the pants are like capris and the shirt shows her belly, but they LOVE wearing their monkeys together. For Valentine's day, I found some size 5T monkey pjs for Lily, NWT for $3 on ebay, including shipping! She is going to be so excited. Thank's Carrie (or should I say Ian) for passing on what are now Addie's favorite night time attire!

I think that just might be all the randomness I have for this post. I'm trying to remember all the cute things they do and say, it just passes so quickly. Oh, and before I forget. 19 months is Addie's age. Sometimes I forget that this is no longer an Addie assumed babysite, but a family site, so I should say whose age I mean. Though if you know us at all, you should probably be able to figure it out.


  1. You have an ex-controller working for you? Awesome.

  2. Yes, he was a retired controller who was temping for fun, he filled in for my maternity leave and we lured him back to the work force when I returned. He's the BEST!