Thursday, February 5, 2009

Out of the past - February 5

We had a small annoyance with Lily's bedtime last night, and I said something silly, to which Lawrence replied, um, do you REMEMBER last year at this time? Bedtime-wise we were basically in HELL last February, to which we finally ended by putting a backwards locking door knob on Lily's door to show her we meant business as far as going to bed when we put her down. We didn't have to lock it many times, but the first 2 times, she got a warning, and then got it locked, we were in for a few of the worst hours of our life. Within 3 days things were drastically improved and we wished we'd gone drastic months earlier. So my point is just that how quickly you forget in a year. Her getting up twice and quietly saying "mama I don't like night night time" and me saying I know, then she goes to sleep is NOTHING. How quickly a year passes and you can't remember the struggles from the year prior. I thought, I should read some of my babysites from last year and remember to see how far we've come (with a silent house by 8pm). But then I remember, jeez, I've been doing this for 2 years and 3 months, so I would have the year before too. What was I doing then? And I decided to do a little "out of the past", I'm working on some recurring blogs. Mom, I dedicate the name to you! Thanks!
Date: 02/05/2009

Addie greeted me at the door last night in her monkey pjs, smiling big. Lily hugged me the tightest sweetest hug. Addie says buckle when I come in the door "buck buck", so that I will unbuckle my shoes, she tries to help and gets her little fingers in the way of me getting my shoes off, then she comes with me to the bathroom to wash hands, and says "wa-wa". One time when we were drying hands together I said (very excitedly in hopes that she wouldn't melt down at me turning off the wa wa) "Do you want to dry hands with mama?" She nodded and repeated "mama". So this time she gets the towel and says "mama!" really excited (great, it is my name AND the name of what you do to your hands after you wash them). I hate Wednesdays, it's the only day that I don't get to be with my kids tomorrow when I wasn't with them today. But I LOVE Thursdays so that we get to be together for 3 more days. And I'm just so grateful to have a full time job where that is the case.

So I looked back and I found a very sweet post from 2/5/07 and 2/5/08. The one last year had nothing to do with bed time fights but about glorious mother-daughter moments. I was so glad to remember it, and to re-read something I had forgotten I wrote. I had even forgotten I felt. That. Is why I love love love writing about this life.
Sweet moment

Today I was putting Addie down for her 1 o'clock nap, I was rocking her and she was just so sweet looking at me with her beautiful blue eyes. I kissed her forehead and I just savored the way my lips kind of sunk into her soft skin. She closed her eyes and I did it again. When she raised her eyebrows it reminded me of one of those puppies that have too much skin and they are all wrinkley and extra super soft. That's kind of what it felt like, and it was the sweetest thing I ever kissed.

She fell asleep in my arms which does happen too often and I couldn't stop kissing her forehead, I felt like I wanted to remember the way that moment felt and the way she looked just then forever
2 days!

I'm so excited about the ultrasound this week. I'm also excited about finding out the sex, but just looking forward to seeing my little guy or girl moving around and getting the reassurance that everything looks healthy.

I went to a baby shower this weekend and looking at all the little girl clothes made me want a girl, but I want a boy either way, I know we'll be so happy. We had our friends the Rose's over yesterday for the Superbowl. They have 4 kids, and we had such a nice time with them. Lily played awesome with their 2.5+ year old and we just had a great afternoon.

Lily had a few very gross "accidents" over the last few days, and it felt a little more on purpose. But I just cleaned it up and hopefully it was just a fluke, and we are past it (fingers crossed).

We will have a friend visiting from Ohio this weekend, Jay Albers, and Lawrence is really looking forward to it. It is someone we haven't seen for a really long time (well I haven't seen him since our wedding, and Lawrence hasn't seen him since Ope's wedding). In any case, I guess he is coming to meet with a dog breeder in Hood River, then will be coming back in March to get the dog. Not being a huge dog lover, it sounds like a lot of work to just get a dog. But apparently this is a special dog (only bred in HR?) Anyway, we will probably try and show him some fun times, and hopefully it isn't raining!

I will write in a few days to post the sex, and the name (or at least what it would be if the baby was born today).

Lily said she wanted the baby to "be out in a few minutes". Not me, I'm not ready yet...and I'm not uncomfortable enough yet to want this pregnancy to be over. I'm still in the honeymoon stage, so I'll keep hoping time would SLOW down a little.

Can't wait to share news in a few days of the sex. Although I have been hearing lots of stories lately of people who had several ultrasounds who could never tell so I wonder if God is preparing my heart and mind to NOT be able to find out. If that is the case, my planner self will be a little crazy, but I'll just be happy to have a 3 vessel cord, all 4 chambers working healthy in the heart, and everything else measuring on track!

And it was a girl! And it was wonderful.

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  1. I love reading about your special memories. Your a great writer, thanks for sharing!