Monday, February 2, 2009


Everywhere I look lately there are reminders of love. It is simple, it is even a little corny. It's also the answer to most of the hard stuff in life. Deep breath and remember that people are people and I'm supposed to love them and be compassionate. My life is good, I am blessed, and I need to be loving. It is so easy to get annoyed and pissed at the drop of a hat. Our lives are so packed full that it sometimes becomes second nature to be frustrated at even the smallest things. But this week, every email forward, every blog, every book, every scripture, every where I look is a reminder to love love love, even when I don't feel like it. Lawrence does something that bothers me, and I'm reminded how I would suck it up and be polite to a stranger, and rather than feel annoyed, I don't, I just think about how much I love him. Lily misbehaves and yells in my face, and instead of sending her into time out with a yell, I calmly ask her why she felt like she wanted to yell like that, and lovingly ask her to take a minute to regroup. Over the weekend my fuse seemed to lengthen as I really focused about things that I could do to add love to my life. It's the little things. I'm hurt by a friend, yet I know they they are so involved in their own world, they have never thought to look into mine. How can I fix that and stop that pain? Love, just keep loving, no matter and it will make things alright. Maybe some of the cynical people in my life would think that I'm already too loving and gushy all the time. Well, there's already room for improvement. What I don't do, is on a moment to moment basis, act as loving as I should to other human beings when I'm stressed and under any amount of pressure. I snap just a little too easily, and I'm not proud of it. Sometimes it's' not even actions, it's all in my head, but what happens in my head is a choice if I let it be. Consciously watching that tendency and thinking about the power of love is making a big difference these last few days. Things have been great between Lawrence and I, sometimes you just get it. And right now I do.

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  1. Wonderful post!

    It *isn't* always easy to put love first, and like you, I find myself reacting rather than reflecting when something annoys me; but one does get better at "getting it", especially when there are loving people to help us.

    I don't think you can ever be *too* loving - and if I haven't expressed it, I appreciate all the love and support you send my way ;-}