Saturday, January 31, 2009


Look what I just found! Click here for her blog. This is Christina and she posted pics of us with Addie on her blog. So sweet to see her comparison.

This was the blog of the photographer who took our belly photos and newborn photos and Addie's one year photos. She said on her site, here is my new blog, but you can see my old blog I was pleasantly surprised to see my family first thing when I clicked on her old blog...ahhh.

Click Here for her website - there are a lot of pics of our family and my big old belly on her site too.

If you are a mama in the Portland area, who likes to support a working mama, she's your girl. She's fast, good with the kids, comes to your house, or park, or where ever. At Addie's one year, I thought she FOR sure hadn't gotten any good ones, and I was SHOCKED when she game back with 300+ that were awesome!

Since we didn't order many pictures, it was fun to see and still have access to all those great shots!

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  1. Great family pictures! I love the one of the girls looking out the window, so cute!