Thursday, February 26, 2009

How much is that Addie in the window?

One of Addie's new things to do is look at her reflection in the window while sitting at the table at night. She spots herself, bobs her head side to side, waves at her self, says "Aa-ee" (that's how she says Addie). She loves it when you stand behind her and wave to her. She knows she is looking at herself. She points to "mama", "dada", and "il-ee" too. Lily of course loves this sooo much that she's head-bobbed herself right off her chair a few times.

Another new thing Addie likes to do is run from the dining room, full blast, to the family room and stop quick in front of the fireplace, squat down, and look at her reflection in the black glass. However, the face looking back at her in the fireplace is not "Ae-ee" that face is "baby".

We've told her that the fireplace is hot, so she won't touch it. It isn't really "hot" it's luke warm at best, and nice and warm at worst. We NEVER turn it on, so what she is feeling is the pilot light, barely warming the glass, and now she thinks that's "hot". Super. Addie goes up to herself in the fireplace (when I'm not watching close), and makes out with the "baby" in the glass, pulls away and says "hot" then repeats and laughs, "hot". I allow her to kiss the fireplace and then blog about it. What does that say about me? The next time that she burns herself I will know I've failed terribly as a mother. I'm going to try to get a picture or video of our little reflection baby soon.

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