Sunday, January 4, 2009

Two in the Tub

Lily, Addie, and I were all settled into the bath last night. It was so relaxing and warm. I washed Addie's head and scrubbed it with oil and a toothbrush to remove some dry skin. Addie loves the bath and it is so fun to see her in there. She can't get enough.

As I was washing Lily's hair, we smelled something a little funny. Then we saw it, poop floating. The jets were on, so it was circulating fast. I lifted Lily out of the tub to Lawrence, she started to cry hard because she wasn't ready to get out. Lawrence handed her a soap crayon and put her in the shower. He grabbed Addie out and sat her on the potty (as if she would POSSIBLY have any left), no more. He put her down and let her run to the shower. She left two poopy footprints behind. He got her all wiped up with a towel. This was early in the process and we were already in about 5 towels. We've been needing to weed out some questionably sanitary bath toys, so this was the perfect chance. EVERYTHING goes, every cup, pitcher and boat. We have some boats we bought at the dollar store in 2004 when our niece Jayme was visiting. Gone. I got out and our luxury hot bath turned to rushed luke warm shower quicker than a flash. Well quicker than the time it takes to make a hot pocket in the microwave.

I was just thinking, before Addie relieved herself.
At what age do you have to stop taking family baths and showers. I assume the girls have to stop showering with Lawr before me, but it certainly makes things so much more convenient with an 'everybody in' policy.

Sigh. I'm not a big bath fan, so this didn't help. This might be my last family bath.

Lawrence kept telling Lily that the toothbrush left behind from Addie's head was her new one from Santa and she'd either have to use that one or get a cavity. It was, at the moment, so funny. Since she didn't cry, she laughed too, but I realize it could border on child abuse...

So could a lot of things...

I mean it, when was the last time you wrangled an 18 month out of a dirty diaper or into jammies? Sometimes it requires some serious brute force and hard pinning of limbs.

Lawr cleaned the tub, but now we need to run the jets with disinfectant in the tub to make sure nothing got sucked up. Oh gross.


  1. Um. This is one to save, print, and paste in the baby book and one day when Addie and Ian are on the way to Prom we all gather together to take their pictures and you break this one out. Now that's child abuse.

    These are the moments we live for...right?! ;)