Friday, January 2, 2009

18 Months

Here is where I post Addie's height and weight. Oh wait, I can't do that because somehow I completely SPACED the fact that I needed to set up an 18 month check up. (Umm much less the 15 month weight check...shhh) Or wait...did I do that. I have to go check babysites. Okay, though I have no recollection of it, I did take her at 15 months and she was 19lbs and got a flu shot.

I'm supposed to be off formula by now. But we have a half a can and a girl who goes down at night beautifully with the bottle, so letting her nurse a bottle a half a year more than her sister doesn't really bother me much. Not to mention that she is so sweet and cuddly with her bottle and I just LOVE holding her while she drinks it and gazes into my eyes. Seriously, I LOVE this little girl.

I have a whole LIST of Addie's words and here they are:

Fuwar - Flower
mitamn - Vitamins
Weeee (going down the stairs or on the sled, sometimes in the car)
mmmmm-uaa (kiss)
Guma - Grandma
Melmo - Elmo (she also thinks Clifford is Melmo)
Maw - Milk (vanilla soy of course)
Pot - Spot (as in that is my spot)
Opa - Potty
Ah don - All done
Cu - Cup
Wawa - Water
Eeee - Eat (pointing into her mouth running to the table)
Aaaaa - Snack (pointing into her mouth)
Gogur - Yogurt (Soy of course)
Coco - Cocoa (Warm Chocolate Soy Milk)
Coco - Popcorn (her favorite is Caramel or Kettle)
Vroom (sound she makes when pushing a bus or car or vacuum)
Tee - Teeth
Nose (puts finger up it, or any food she may be holding)
Paee - Paint
Apa - Apple
(Those all sound like 'Ah')
Liza - Aliza
Amra - Tamera
Benamin - Benjamin
Lee - Lily
Papa - Grandpa
Unco Maa - Uncle Matt
Baaa (sound a sheep makes)
woo woo (sound a dog makes)
Side - Outside
Caa - Car
Peeee - Please (she signs it at the same time and answers it if you say, 'what do you say?')
Che Chu - Thank you
Bear Bear (her favorite sleepy guy)
Pe-eee - Pretty (usually said while rubbing belly, hair, or face
Mon - Monkey
Bah - Ball
Coe - Coat
Saaah - Sock
Iiiiiiiiii- Ian
Coooooaaaalllll" Cold

I know there are many more, but this is what I can think of. Wow, there are a lot. She's repeating more stuff every day.

Addie continues to be a true joy for our family. She is smiley and sweet. As she gets older, she definitely has her own very strong opinions about what she wants and when she wants it, but she is much less strong willed than her sister and we can generally make her happy very easily. She loves her vitamins, brushing her teeth, getting her coat on, and going bye bye. She loves to hold her vitamin and suck on it slowly making a sticky mess. I usually let her because, well, she's just so darn cute with each and every move that she makes.

Her favorite thing to play is with the kitchen and the red car. She loves her new baby and anything of her sister's. She loves Little People and looking out the window. She still puts a lot of things in her mouth. She puts stuff in her nose and ears constantly and has even sneezed out a full spaghetti noodle. Still allergic to milk, but she loves soy vanilla milk. Both girls drink it like it is their last breath. Addie will put down a cup of milk, unfinished (unlike Lily) and loves to carry it around all day if aloud, she tucks it into her sweet little nook like a football. She loves getting ready to go outside, putting on her jacket and hat and waiting on the stairs, and still loves shoes. We can usually get her to not wear shoes a portion of the day, but she'd prefer to sleep with them if she could (and occasionally she has snuck to bed with the Robeez on). She still sleeps in the sleep sack with the white noise (now only at half volume) with her bear bear. Lights off, door closed. She takes one nap from noon - 2 and then bed from 7-7. Once every week or once every two weeks, she'll have a bad night and wake up several times. There is no rhyme or reason to it, and she doesn't do it 2 nights in a row. While we feel tired the next day, it is always manageable because it is never more than one night in a row...and she always makes it up with a great nap.

To celebrate Addie turning 1.5 Lawrence took the girls to Safari Sams with Josh and Rachel while I worked from home. Rachel and Josh came over for a while after for lunch and football. To honor Lawrence's hideous mustache for a day (that was thankfully shaved off, along with the rest of his scuzzy fuzzy face) the girls got paste on mustaches as their prize for 60 tickets at Safari Sams. Lily wore hers for most of the day. Then for dinner we went to have our pizza movie night at the Kolmer's (who's little boy, Ian, has his bday one day after Addie's). We had a very fun time hanging out with them and letting the kids stay up ridiculously late. Addie went to bed there around 8, then we all went home at 10:30.

Addie is still a petite little thing but tall, so has her carseat turned around. Well...tall? She was 31 inches at 15 months and was in the 50%, but compared to her 5% weight, it seems tall. She's wearing mostly 12-18 month clothes, which are loose, and still fitting into some 12 mth stuff, that is getting a little too short, shirts & pants. She doesn't mind because she loves her belly, and if it sticks out...BONUS! Though you wouldn't know it, she is getting a touch more hair. She loves to have me "fix" it like I do for her sis. If you were wondering how many times she poops per day, the answer is 2. Not as solid as I would like.

She says "cooollll" when she gets out of the bath or when we are outside now. She tucks her two arms underneath her chest and leans into me. It's so sweet. Sometimes she mixes up HOT with COLD and says "coooolllll" when the shower is too hot, or something like that.

As I've said all along, Addie seems so much younger than Lily at this age, but she is really developing and at times it is hard to believe how big she is when I still see her as my little baby. When Lily was 18 months is when we started thinking about having baby number 2. Now, while both of us do feel like there is room for our family for another girl (ha, well we always said the only way we'd try for another is if we planned on a girl...not wanting to have a baby to have a baby of a certain sex), we aren't sure where there is room in our lives. We feel pretty stretched to the limit as far as time and money. But our hearts still feel like we aren't done. Only time will tell what God has in store for us. So far He has shown us unmerited favor. The proof is our loving marriage and in Lily and Addie's smiles every day.

This is a video off the girls dancing in the car. Addie LOVES to dance, and was making us all laugh so hard.

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  1. OK Jenny.

    So, hooray! I haven't made Ian's 18 month appointment either. I suck totally. It takes weeks and weeks to get into his doctor. Adding that to the list.....

    Thanks for the reminder! And P.S. She is a total sweetheart.