Thursday, January 8, 2009

Stay tough, stay focused, stay awake.

I married the right man. He just sent me the below email, and instantly I feel understood and care for, and I know it will all be okay. I have a renewed sense of energy. All from a few kind words. Wow. I think I will take him up on the coffee or three though!


We need to think of a reward for all of our hard work for getting through this week.



Mt hood


No computers for the entire weekend

Pajama day

Just something for the 4 of us.

Stay tough, stay focused, stay awake.

Make sure you have a good lunch today.

Get a good coffee or 3.

Love you!


  1. Ok. Now this is so terribly sweet I almost cried. I feel like forwarding this to Sean. Anyway, amazing Lawrence! Good men, good kids, good jobs...why do we complain again?