Friday, January 9, 2009

Computer detox starts......NOW!

I finished the hard part of the deadline today around 1:30 and am so relieved. I worked at Starbucks part of the day and was very productive. I ended up finishing (I thought) at 4 and then again around 6:45pm once my boss pointed out one last error.

This weekend we plan to spend a lot of time together, the four of us, get some exercise and treat out to breakfast tomorrow. I'm going to work on the early months of 2008 in my Scrapbook tomorrow night with Tanya while Lawrence goes bowling in the PM for a friend's birthday. I'm glad to have some homebody time and him have a few hours away.

This weekend will be computer free for us. I'm breaking the rules by writing this, but I didn't want to leave my last entry sounding crazy and stressed.

Addie's diaper rash was much much better today, but last night it was horrible and raw and I was preparing to have to take her to the dr today. She slept through the night without a peep last night, so is obviously not in as much pain. A full night of sleep did us both well today.

A week away from the kids is too much, I could not work out of the house 5 days a week. Next week Lawrence's parents come and it will be so nice to have a catch up and relax week. There are still a lot of loose ends to tie up with the closing but I know I will find it difficult to stay motivated with no pressure and severe burn out. I think I'll get the photos hung up in my new office, do filing, and otherwise busy non brain work. I'll probably be able to leave a little early with my in-laws here, and it is a great week to have company.

Addie all of sudden seems to have more hair. I mean nothing crazy but looking a lot less bald. She has been clinging to me like crazy and because I'm missing her so much, I'm actually slightly enjoying the fact that she wants to be joined at my hip. I plan to fully enjoy it over the weekend and just BE with my family. No worries of laundry or cleaning or grocery shopping or bills. Those can wait until next week after work/bedtime. Lily said something SO SO SO funny last night when I was putting her to bed, we were both laughing our heads off. I came out to tell Lawrence and couldn't for the life of me remember what it was. Since she has my old memory, remembering every word ever spoken, I thought that she might know, but she couldn't remember when I asked her though she did proceed to recap the entire night to me.

And now, I'm off to sleep well (and sleep in if my hubby knows what's good for him, but we'll see). Good night. No computer until Monday...this should be interesting...

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  1. ok.... weekend is over, no more detoxing!!! (hope you guys had a great weekend, esp.. after the weeks you have been having..)