Monday, January 12, 2009


The weekend was lazy and fun and relaxing, and productive. How much you can get done without the computer! During nap on Sunday I first got stuff done, then still had time for a nap myself, no computer enticing me with 10 quick minutes, and then taking my full two hours.

So for the first time in more than two months (with the exception of Christmas day) I feel balanced. It's very nice. Time to breath is very underrated! I'm grateful for my stressful, crazy, unbalanced days because on a day like today I can appreciate when it isn't.

I have a few blogs waiting in the wings that I'll probably get to, as well as some last minute cleaning for the parents visiting. (Oh shush, I know you say you don't care, but even when I clean my best it is never as clean as I wish it was and always much much much too much clutter in drawers and if I could just find the pillowcases for the guest bed...I'm ashamed to admit it, but yes I live in a world where pillowcases get lost from their sheets.) I'm looking forward to going to Lily's gymnastics class tonight, the first since my foot healed, where I get to catch more than the last few minutes. This will be her last session at this gymnastic place because, though she loves it, frankly, it is just too expensive.

In lieu of the computer this weekend, we played Blokus 3D, read books, scrap booked, went out to breakfast, went to the library, went to the Children's museum, mommy-Lily scrapbook time, went for a walk/run, cleaned, vacuumed, laundry, and played like crazy.

Lawrence and I are definitely at a high in our roller coaster life, and I am enjoying that very much. He has been sweet, considerate, and loving. I hope by pointing that out, I'm not saying he isn't always a great husband, but with busy lives, jobs, kids, I'll admit that we aren't always on the same page. Again, I'm appreciative for the times that we aren't on the same page because it is a reminder how good it is when you are. Being in sync with your spouse is highly under rated!

Tanya is 35 weeks pregnant and pretty miserable. We had a productive time on Saturday night scrapbooking, but she wasn't her usual self (not that I expected her to be), she was having contractions the whole time and was feeling exhausted and worn down by days and days of this. I finished Jan-Feb 08 and stayed with my new goal of not being more than a year behind. Lily saw me getting out all the scrapbook stuff and begged to join in. I told her we'd find time on Sunday and we did while Daddy and Addie went to the store.

I did feel bad because this weekend, because, well, I can't do much of anything without finding something or someone I owed more to, and this was no exception. It was my good friend Robin's birthday on Saturday and I got in only a short phone call. I also had a friend of a friend call while I was napping to sign up for Melaleuca, not only did I not take the call, I didn't call her back, or sign her up. I wish I could be more carefree and selfish, but I just can't stop worrying about disappointing other people. Robin - Happy Birthday! I look forward to some time together and am sorry that I wasn't able to make that happen near your real birthday. I guess that's just real life, and I hope the thought really does count, because I thought a lot!

It was very sweet. Lily kept telling me how much fun she was having during our scrap book time. She has her own glue sticks and scissors, and photos (discarded by me), that she cuts and pastes into the most random random things. It's great. It's fun watching her mind work and each time she sees me do something she wants to do it too. While working with her, I got March 08 and part of April 08 done. YAY. I mean, I really suck at this and it could practically be just a photo album. But I enjoy getting rid of the photo clutter and also getting the photos into a book. We had a busy spring last year! I love a month where there are few photos!!! I need to learn that you don't have to put it ALL in. I asked Lily if she wanted the music on but she said no, she was enjoying the peace and quiet. That's a first.

Below are a few pictures of the kids at the Children's museum. Addie had so much fun (Lily too, but she always does), it was the first time for her doing her own thing and I was amazed at how much more Addie can do. I was reminded that we always brought Lily here starting at fourteen months, but as usual, Addie seems so much younger than that, even at 18 months. She was a handful to chase around and Lawrence and I were glad we had a system of you watch one, I'll watch the other, since they are always running in separate directions! Jeremy and Jennifer, Lucy and Bailee joined us over there. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa, this membership is a gift that gives us free family fun time all year long.

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