Sunday, January 18, 2009

Writer's block

Last week I wrote a facebook status update that said, "Jenny feels a blog coming on". haha. I did. I started it. I have hit a wall. I can't get my thoughts focused enough to finish any of the 8 things I've started or start on any of the 80 topics that I have thoughts on and would love to write more about. For my dear readers...yes, I do realize I haven't posted anything. But thank you for pointing it out to let me know anyway, very helpful.

My in-laws have been visiting from NJ and I have to give a horrific review to an employee tomorrow. Barf. Every time I think of it the butterflies swarm and I start to vomit in my mouth a little. Then I forget, then again it happens when I remember. Fun, like an amusement park ride of dread. Maybe after that is over, and I have some peace (I hope), I'll do something beside avoid writing again.

Long weekend in review:
Tuesday - Lawr's parents got here, I worked late and picked them up
Wednesday & Thursday- Worked in the office, kids were with Gma and Gpa for the day, I promised I'd be home for dinner, but wasn't, did make it home for bedtime both nights.
Friday - Worked from home, kids went to CM2 with Gparents, we all went bowling - I WON with personal best of 140!! - Dinner out at McCormick and Schmidts. Kids were wonderful. Addie doesn't want me out of her sight.
Saturday - Walked the Tualatin Wildlife Reserve with whole gang, scrapbooked with Lily during quiet time, dinner out at Red Robin. DATE NIGHT FOR ME AND LAWRENCE!
Sunday - Brunch out, dinner out, Blokus during naptime - kids really impressing me in the eating out department, since we only do it like once every 2 months or something!

We had a really great week/weekend, but as you can see I'm not even up for putting the events in paragraph form. Maybe tomorrow. If I don't write and only post pictures,'ll know the block is still there...

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