Saturday, January 31, 2009

So behind

I'm so behind with blogging that I just don't feel like doing it if I have to catch up.

I have the cutest pictures of Lily last Saturday at Nathaniel's birthday party, riding the max train downtown, that I want to post.

Nathaniel's mom, Tanya, gave birth to miracle baby girl last night. Grace Anna Chappelle was 8lbs 2oz. 19 inches. I haven't seen any pictures yet, but her mom is gushing about how precious. It is Tanya and Jonathon's 3rd baby.

I have a mental list of so so so many cute new things the girls have been doing. Like today Addie put on her own pants and shoes and then danced around saying "Gob Gob A-ee" Trying to get me to say Good Job Addie. And so many other things, my brain is tired and the cabinet with those files of my brains must be locked for the night.

Today we went to Lucy's birthday party and had fun. Cute pictures of Lily getting her face painted to download and post of that. On Thursday Lily got to go on a field trip to Winco (a grocery store) and she thought it was the coolest thing ever. Apparently they got to go into the giant freezer "as big as our garage, and they had something daddy really really cream!!!!" . Then she got to meet Jennifer and go to Chuck E Cheese for "real" birthday lunch for Lucy. Needless to say she was exhausted that night.

Yesterday was a little bit of a challenge in the behavior department, but nothing more than a little testing. I was on edge what with firing my employee and all. But I did get to have the cleaning lady come do the bathrooms for once this month. No matter how much I want to save money, if I don't have her come and do bathrooms + dusting, I swear, I would never ever get to it! Ever. Dusting is one thing, but bathrooms are quite another.

A friend just gave me a bunch of info about soy being a natural estrogen something or other and in my initial looking around I found that girl's who drink/eat too much soy start their periods way sooner. Great. Glad we've been going the extra mile with the non hormone organic milk for Lily, and then dumping the soy down Addie's throat. We are going to switch to rice milk for now, but I have a lot of research to do. This is normally the type of thing that I would research long before, but for some reason, in my mind I thought soy was so healthy, just too low in fat. And I've been buying organic at that. I think that it may be fine in moderation, but Addie is drinking too much of it to use it as her sole source of milk. Sigh. I'm glad I found out now, rather than regretting it down the road. These children. So much to worry about. Well, more like so much to improve on. I can only be thankful for good friends that pass on useful information, educate myself bettter, and then do the best I can.

It is so difficult because there are only so many hours in the day and way too many things I want to get done. I wish I was a faster reader.

Okay, it's 10pm. I'm going to bed. I think I will post the pictures of N's bday at least. One thing crossed off the list.

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