Tuesday, May 15, 2012


As long as I can remember, my mom and all her sisters called my Grandma "Mama".  And they called my Grandpa "Daddy".  They always talked about their parents with such respect and such love.  "Mama and Daddy".  Even when the "kids" were 50.  Even when they are 60.  They probably always will.  
Mama and Daddy

My kids call me Mama.  I love it.  It has this sweet, innocent, loving ring to it.  A ring that says I'm not too grown up to still say my first word.  Lots of kids I know Lily's age, and a few Addie's age call their moms Mom or Mommy, and that's to be expected, the kids are growing up.  

For now, I'm still Mama, and I hope I stay Mama for a very long time.  For years after I'm gone, even.  Just like my Grandma who has been gone nearly 10 years gets to still be Mama.  

I know a day will come when they don't love me as unconditionally and as fully as they do now.  But I also know, that after that season passes, they will come back to love me so fully again, with a grown up and knowing heart.  Just like I love my mom.  

I just hope that when that time comes and for all the times in between, they still call me Mama.  


  1. What a beautiful photo! I love being mama, too, glad I'm not the only one. And you're such a sweet mama : )

  2. I miss my Mama and Daddy!! What a sweet thing for you to talk about. Mama!