Thursday, May 17, 2012

Living vicariously through text messages

As I mentioned before.  Mother's Day weekend was awesome and full.

But since then it has been all work and no play.  Since then = 4 days.  Is. That. It. !!??

My in-laws got here from New Jersey long after we were asleep Sunday, and I'm working so much that I'm just tapped out in the evenings.  The hours aren't as bad as they were last year, but the nonstop intensity of thinking during the day...I'm DONE by the end of the day.  Going into the office every day, no work from home days, earlier mornings, and later nights.  I'm so ready for it to be over.

The good news is, I am almost there.  They auditors will be in house less than another week, shorter than expected.  Things are going good, we are getting there.  I'm still waking up earlier than everyone for some quiet time, eating well, and feeling really good mentally.

I'm thankful for these beautiful text messages.

For now, I'm living life vicariously thought texts from my nanny and their grandma, who get to spend the fun part of their day with them.  I love the thoughtfulness of getting to see what their day looks like, even though a text message.  Today's text from NannyJenny said "Your audit is over half way over!  WOOHOO!" and it made me smile.

You know what else makes me smile?  Today is our Sabine's bday.  Happy Birthday Bean Bean.  We love you!!!  Today Lily said, I wish I could just walk to Germany to see her.  :)  Me too, Lil, me too!

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  1. Your children are just beautiful! I think about you every day. So glad the audit will be over a little sooner than expected. :) Love you! -Lynnette