Friday, May 11, 2012


Lily said to me this morning: Mom, I helped daddy clean the garage.  I picked up your bag with 2 pairs of skis in it.  Daddy told me to put it down before I get a hurrnicane...or something like that.

I might have to delete my wordless Portland video below, else the music starts every time you click on the blog.  I love that composition, but I hate it when music starts when I click on a webpage.  Press pause below if you want it to stop.  Or maybe I need to post 10 posts to get it to roll off and stop.

The girls gave me an early Mother's day gift, tickets to see Suessical the Musical with them, I'm looking forward to that!  Girls night out!!

Sun is shining, audit is moving along, two 5Ks this weekend, Mother's Day NAP!, grandparents coming to town Sunday night - 80s for the next two days.