Saturday, July 2, 2011

The last three-year-old rock-a-bye

Today was

The last three-year-old breakfast

The last three-year-old bath

The last three-year-old movie night

The last three-year-old Curious George book

And right before bed

The last three-year-old Rock-a-Bye baby

The last three-year-old kiss goodnight

But my Addie reminded me that tomorrow we could do four-year-old all of those things

(She also told me she will scrapbook the dry pull-up that she's been wearing for the last week and that she wore for the last night time tonight)
if she keeps it dry once again

You see, four-year-olds don't wear pull-ups at night like three-year-olds do

Bear-bear was almost too excited to get to sleep
He wishes it was Addie's birthday everyday
Addie got him calmed down with an "I can't wait" chant, that Bryson and Lily joined in too

Photo by Holly Kae
Four sounds so much older than three. 
I love you, my Addie
Happy Fourth Birthday, my love!


  1. From Lynnette: Happy Fourth birthday Addie! You are beautiful!

  2. I TOTALLY agree about 4 sounding so much older than 3. We've been 4 for a whole 2 months already and I'm still getting used to saying that when someone asks... it's weird! Preschool here we come! Happy Birthday Addie!!