Monday, December 13, 2010

If you wonder why you are tired...

Lawrence's mom and dad left last night. His mom was here with us from New Jersey for 12 days. The kids were over the moon to have her here. His dad was also here for 6 days - we love Gpa too (he DOES get all the photo credits), but this is a post all for Gma. It was a great visit and a lot of help. When our parents are here, it is always validating for us that we have every right to be exhausted all the time caring for three kids. Yes, it is a lot of fun. Yes, we love it. Yes, we are 30+ years younger than they. But. YES, it is exhausting! :)

This time while Grandma was here, she... (in no particular order because that would take more time than what I have to organize the photos)

Activities Not Pictured Above: Helping in Addie's preschool class, Giving Julia a day off-childcare, Laundry & Dishes (x100,000 loads), Grocery shopping, Sewing several saved for her projects and rips and tears, Carefully cutting out tags, Cooked meatloaf and chicken and matzo ball soup and more dinners that I can't remember, Preparing and brewing coffee for me (and her) every morning, Washing bottles, Changing Diapers, Reading Books, Playing Educational Games, Reading with Lily, Organizing the Pantry, and Junk Drawers (MUCH my horrified dismay!), Cleaning the fridge, Stuffing and un-stuffing the garbage disposal, Making beds, Wait, did I mention laundry? Or Dishes? And Dishes? And Dishes?

I'll admit that any time long time company leaves, there is a small sigh of relief, whether it be your bestest friend in the entire world or your most loved family member, there is just something nice about having the house to yourselves again. Thinking only of yourself and not worrying about others.

But then. I look at that list of things above and remember. Shoot, I'm gonna have to do all those things now again! Except for the sewing. And the knitting. :)

All kidding aside, we really do appreciate all the help and the kids having that priceless time with their Grandparents, each visit allows them to create their own special memories as they come to know and love them more.


  1. And I sure did enjoy every minute, every smile, every hug and every kiss, especially the wet ones. Hope all colds and runny noses are better. Tell Lily I need a knitting report.
    Love, Grandma Carol

  2. What wonderful memories. I'm glad you all had such a nice visit.

  3. The photo of all of you around the birthday boy -- that is my favorite photo EVER!! Your smile.... it looks like you when you were just a girl and very, very happy. I have many memories that include that smile. So wonderful!

  4. Do you think Lawrence's parents would like to adopt me? I have no parents left and his mom seems perfect. I'm jealous...but happy for you at the same time. Thank goodness for mothers and the love only they can bring into our families.