Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Getting started to get started

I have SO many things to blog about that I'm blogging about nothing! And each day something new comes that I want to blog about and I don't.

There are just so many things...

First we had Lily's birthday party
Next a post with some pictures as Lily sees the world through her new camera
Some other general things to be grateful for
Bryson's 10 month post - he has a tooth and is taking steps
PLUS our family went to the pumpkin patch and the kids have gone with Julia 2x with some amazing pictures to show for it.
Then Lily got cast in her school's MCT play
THEN MY MIND WENT RACING regarding my love affair with MCT and all the ways it shaped my life's path
Then Pumpkin Carving
DOn't forget the post on why Addie thinks I'm a bad mom :)
Then Lily's last soccer game
Plus Addie to Disney on Ice (since there are no pictures that probably won't be a full post)
Next the MCT performance

And just today, Lily's school conferences and me doing something right. Us, I mean, us, Lawrence is obviously doing it too. I'm just selfish and like to take all credit for myself.

Okay, now that it's out there, perhaps I can tackle something.

October was just too awesome I guess. Parts of it felt awesome but at the time it felt almost too busy to enjoy it, but I know I did, I just don't remember enjoying it all. That's okay, I guess, but it would probably be better next time if I remembered enjoying it, you know, because that part would be nice.

Any votes for what I write about first? Or should I just continue rambling about not knowing where to start? Wordless Wednesday tomorrow...that's an easy one!


  1. I vote for the MCT entries, all in one. How exciting that Lily got a part! I know you were hoping she would. :) Hooray for Bryson finally popping through a tooth. It seems he'd been working on one for about forever. I think I am going to work on a Halloween entry for mine. Love you all!

  2. Why addie thinks ur a bad mom.. I voted

  3. Yeah, gotta see the Bad Mom post. That's bound to be a funny one.

  4. I want to know how Addie could even think you're a bad mom. I'm sure Lily thinks you are the best Mom ever.
    That is so sad.

  5. all of the above! and i'm glad you don't have pics from disney on ice cuz i would be jealous...tried to go but it was just TOO busy and we couldn't squeeze it in. looked like a fun show! you are a great momma and nothing like getting an addaboy at parent/teacher conferences!! woot! :DL

  6. Lily,Jenny and the legacy of Missoula Children's Theatre.

  7. Yes, Yes! I want to hear more about MCT, too. Guess you are going to have to blog everything, now that you whetted our appetites!!!