Monday, November 8, 2010


I know, I know, you all voted...and I have not delivered. I started the MCT blog, yesterday, while I should have been napping, but I only get 15 minutes at a time to write, and it's all over the place, way too long to put it all on on one blog.

As I was doing Lily's hair for her soccer game and her play last Saturday, Addie came and knocked the baggie of pony tails out of my hands, looking for attention. I was pressed for time, and I needed Lily's hair to withstand a rainy soccer game and then keep her hair out of her face for a dress rehearsal and 2 performances complete with lobster hat. But I didn't get upset. I said,

Me: "Addie, do you want me to do your hair first?"

A: "No"

Me: "Okay well I need you to not touch that while I do Lily's hair"

A: "You are a bad mom!"

Me: "I know"

Lily: "ADDIE! No you aren't, mama!"

Me: "Addie, it's okay to say that if that is what you are thinking, why do you think am I a bad mom?" (I'm working on validating her feelings - and I pretty much knew she had the right to feel that way in that moment)

Addie: You are a bad mom because you are SO busy.

Out of the mouths of babes.

Oh kid, if you only knew. Things are about to get so much worse.

So if you don't see me on here for a while it's because I'm preparing for my company to get audited for the first time in 20 years, chasing after my new toddler who is not only taking steps but also waking at 4am in celebration of "falling back", attempting to be home before bedtime on my 34th birthday so my kids and my husband remember I'm part of the there on public transit to get a few minutes with my kids after full days of audit staff sitting at my desk, learning to provide what they need from the new accounting software -once again- as it was "updated" over the weekend, there will be dashes of waterworks caused by my ridiculously over-tiredness starting the day and the fact that my little bro will finally get shipped out for real now, from his training place in MS to "the yucky place" overseas. As far as nursing, I've decided to stop pumping and only nurse Bryson in the morning and before bed, that is, when I make it home in time for bedtime. I think I can, I think I can make it five more weeks until his first birthday. So, I'm not going to say that the next few weeks will be much fun for me, but I'll get through it and I'm not really complaining. It would be nice if none of you out there email me to tell me that you miss me, talk to me about making a commitment for something, ask me to get together, request a favor, or remind me that I haven't updated my blog. I KNOW! I'm going to do the best I can, and that leaves little time for anything other than work and my family. I don't love you any less, just have to prioritize. Again. Always.

And if my kids don't say it to my face, no worries, I realize that at least for the next couple of weeks, I might deserve to be called a bad mom, because I am, in fact, too busy.


  1. Great update on the kids and congrats on knocking out one of the items on the blog list we voted on.

    It does break my heart, though, to hear you say you are a bad Mom because you are too busy. You, better than anyone I know, carve out even a little bit of time for your family over anything else. I have always admired that trait from you. I love you!

    Happy 34th this week, Friend. I'll see you Wednesday.

  2. Don't forget to breathe---I hate these roller-coaster moments in the year, where you just feeling like you are crashing, but can't slow down. Keep your chin up--and feel free to steal my mantra--I'm doing the best job I know how to do with the things I'm up against!

  3. Happy Birthday, Jenny!

    How about you're a GOOD MAMA, because you're so busy. You get everything done for all the people in your life, and you certainly do wear many hats.

    Hope today you can find a little time just for you. Love you and miss you.

  4. Praying for you this week, sweetie. You're awesome!

  5. I love you, Jenny, always and forever, and so do your beautiful children.
    I know the "too busy" feeling so well from the days you and Matt were young, and there were only two of you and we lived in a small town where public transportation etc wasn't an issue. Your children will grow up feeling loved, no matter how busy you are.

  6. Happy Birthday and best of luck on the coming weeks. It will pass :) Love you!!!