Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Quick update for the baby book

Yeah, this blog is used to record some of the little things that I'll eventually transfer into the baby book. Said baby book for Bryson hasn't even been cracked.


Bryson ate little chunks of bananas for the first time rolled in baby oatmeal (to make them easier to pick up). Besides this those little puffs are the only finger foods he's eaten. He liked them better than the puffs, and I kept scooping them out of his bib pocket and putting them back on the tray, he was like, "Yes, wa-la, new meal" every time.

Bryson sat in the bath with no bathtub or ring for his bath for the first time. We'd purchased a bath ring with suction cups on the bottom, used it twice, but the suction wasn't sticking well and it felt like a hazard, and he tries to roll off of his other baby bath seat which lays him back quite a bit. So I decided nothing would be better. Now he's a heavy little guy, and naked, soapy, and slimy, he wasn't any lighter. But he did pretty well and even enjoyed some tummy time in the bath while I scrubbed his tush.

Last night was the first night of no dream feed for Bryson. For the past 5-6 months we have woken him between 10-11pm and fed him a "dream feed", he sucks it down, and goes back to sleep until 6am. So last night we tried it with no dream feed and he woke at about 5:45am. Pretty good. That dream feed has been his only formula feeding of the day with the exception of one or two bottles a week, so we'll see if it means that he'll be all breast milk for some days. My milk supply is definitely down, but we're still hanging on. I might cut one pumping out a day to get more done at work, and then still keep one formula bottle a day in his diet, since he is doing great with that. Will try yogurt with him next to see if the milk sensitivity is totally gone or not. He's tolerating it in my milk, just fine. Addie would love it if he were allergic, she wants to have a "special no milk buddy" and she really enjoyed it when I couldn't have milk with her and we both used her special butter and crackers.

He's "crawling" everywhere, more of an army crawl, but he can definitely go any and everywhere he wants. Over the weekend we rearranged the play room, once again cutting it in half with a fun baby gate that keeps little toys, games, on one side and baby friendly stuff on the other. We also moved some furniture around in the family room to open up the space and block cords that he couldn't stay away from. His legs are SO strong that he is up on his knees and toes nonstop. Sometimes even doing a donkey kick in the air while his arms stay planted on his hands. However when he gets down on his elbows, they know what to do. He is sometimes arming crawling in the front and bear crawling in the back, pretty darn cute and funny.

His cold is still hanging on and I think he's had a runny nose for a month now. It's gross and annoying, but doesn't seem to bother him much.

He also wants to give up that 3rd short nap of the day, cries a lot to go down for it, but can't make it from 2pm to bedtime, and even a few nights last week when I pushed through it with him, he thought bedtime was that nap and only slept for 30 min before waking to play for another few hours. It was fine, and he is pleasant to be up with later, but just not sure what to do on a day to day basis, and it's hard for daddy to make dinner on the days I'm working and not home til 6pm, when he doesn't do that nap, but acts like he needs it.

Oh - and I've done 2 days of shredding again after a month or so of hiatus. Today I will go do some sort of 25 min Cardio on the machines at the downstairs gym for my "lunch" hour. I'm sore, and that's kind of nice after a month of lethargy. Day 1 sucked, but Day 2 felt better.

So that's that for baby book updating. Consider yourself recorded, milestones.

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