Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's Independence Day

We had a great time in Joseph for the 4th of July. We celebrated Addie's birthday, went to the top of the mountain where we got married, went to the flea market, sang Karaoke and had many tasty beverages with our friends. Here are my patriotic little beauties! They had so much fun dressing in their red, white, and blue.

Sabine and the kids after the parade and two full bags of candy were thrown at Wallowa's annual "Old Time Parade"!

Sabine, Adde, Lucy, Bailee, Lily, Lawrence waiting for the parade to start

Bryson happily watching the parade

Bean-Bean and Bryson

Two of my great friends from high school, Jocelyn and Jeremy, + their families and mine. Gotta love my mom for always wanting to get the group shot!

This picture of the four girls made the front page of the local paper. Woo hoo!

My little dare devil and her tiny yet surprisingly muscular legs!

Bean Bean and the kids!

Sweet Lily

After the parade we went to our friend's house for a BBQ. It was so fun, this kids did sparklers and we really enjoyed it. We didn't get any photos of us at Wallowa Lake at Jocelyn's house watching the fireworks. BUT It was awesome. Addie didn't nap that day, so she was falling apart at 7pm. My mom offered to stay home with her and Bryson, so Lily, Sabine, Lawrence and I headed up to the lake to watch the fireworks and see our friends.

I don't have a photo from this year's fireworks, but here is a picture that my photographer friend Joe Whittle took last year.

The fireworks reflecting off the lake, creating a sillouhette of the mountans, listening to the boom echo through the valley is pretty incredible. Especially when you are surrounded by good friends, cuddled up under a blanket with your best guy and your first born (who falls asleep in your arms right before the finale!)

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  1. Happy Belated 4th! Looks like fun- very nice firework pic!