Wednesday, July 14, 2010

7 months down

Bryson is 7 months today. As usual, I'm shocked by the passage of time. IT TOOK FOREVER FOR LILY TO GET TO SEVEN MONTHS. Forever, I say.

In the last month, Bryson has really honed a lot of skills that were developing at his last month blog. He is sitting well on his own, he is crawling (army crawl) and doing lots getting up on his knees and rocking. He doesn't use rolling to get places as much anymore, it is pretty much all about the scoot. He's eating three meals a day and seems to prefer baby oatmeal to anything else. We usually mix it with a fruit in the morning and a veggie for lunch and dinner. He's drinking a bit of water out of a sippy cup, and also like sucking on the bottom of the sippy cup. He still would prefer not to be in the high chair unless he is impatiently eating. If I walk away to get more, he gets upset. So different from Lily and Addie would would sit in there during dinner preparation and after dinner for clean up. I've tried a few of those star puffs with him. About 3 at a time, he likes to grab at them with fury, but so far has only gotten one in his mouth a few times. Then he promptly spits it out like someone but poison in there. He's drinking milk 5x a day, 2 nursings and 3 bottles of 6-7 oz each. My milk supply is still holding up okay (yay! I can't believe it, I and for most days / weeks he's still getting only one bottle of soy formula per day. We are going to test him out with milk formula in a week or so to see if the milk sensitivity is gone or not. Fingers crossed.

Here is a video of sweet boy crawling:

At his 6 month check up which was about a week ago he weighed 20lbs 1oz. At Addie's 3 year check up a day later she was 25lbs. Needless to say he is not far behind her. She actually feels lighter than he does because she isn't such squirmy, slobbery, hair pulling, dead weight. He was 79% in weight. 75% in length. She is 3% in weight and 25% in height.

Still SO. MUCH. DROOL. 3-6 bibs a day, no joke. But no teeth, and now he's added snot...

He's had a little cold for about two weeks. I told him back in a few days ago for a slight wheezy sound in his chest and he is on an inhaler type medicine for a few days. He hates it, but that's good because he takes deep breaths when he cries and it lasts only 10 seconds that way. He's the best baby, even when feeling cruddy. He hates his nose to be wiped, and is spitting up a little more than usual because of so much mucus in his throat. But he is still smiley much of the time. And it hasn't affected his sleep at all. (Never said that before about a sick baby o mine!)

I hate to jinx it, but Bryson has been sleeping through the night consistently now since about 10 weeks old, without exception. Okay, with exception when camping or traveling, but that hardly counts. He still wakes for a dream feed around 10, but the last few nights, he wouldn't eat more than 3 oz and was hard to wake for that, so maybe he is almost done with those. (Addie has stopped sleeping through the night about 25% of the time!) He still listens to white noise while sleeping, and is settling down into 2 - 3 consistent naps a day. Usually at 9 and 1, then a cat nap in the late PM, like at 4. He wakes at the crack of dawn 5-6am, but I actually enjoy this wake up and getting some one on one time with him then. It's really the only alone time we get. He's wetting through his diaper at night so we've just invested in some overnight diapers, hoping that will help.

Life with this sweet boy is good, very good.

In other news, Sabine has been with our family for 11 months today! Wow, now that seems toooo fast.

Better get this posted and on to the next thing. Here is a "dog pic". For those of you who don't know, I got a picture of Addie next to this dog on the month, every month for the first year.
I've only remembered a few times for Bryson, This time, he didn't really cooperate...he'd rather wrestle with the dog than lie next to it being photographed. We even tried it twice...the pictures still made me chuckle...especially when his sisters joined in!


  1. Love that crawl! What a total 7-month-old sweetie he is.

  2. So cute, watching him crawl and drool, listening to him grunt his way across the room. I WANT TO HUG HIM!!!

  3. He gets around pretty good. Was so good to visit on Wednesday. Glad he is doing so well and is such a happy little baby. :) Love you all!

  4. I love your posts... What a sweet boy he is! and your girls are so cute as well!
    I'm so happy for you that he is such a good sleeper. Must make it a little easier to juggle everything. Take care!