Thursday, July 8, 2010

The biggest littlest compliment

My friend Melinda, just had a new baby boy, Che! She lives in Boise but was visiting her siblings and nieces and nephew in Portland last week. We were supposed to get together. But we didn't because traveling with kids is sometimes tough and things don't go the way they should. Especially when you are a new nursing mom and you eat curry for the first time only to find that your baby doesn't like curry, like, at all. But for those of us that have been there, and who are in awe that she took a 4 week old from Boise >> Joseph >> Portland >> Boise after teaching summer school with him for a few weeks, it's no big thing to just catch them next time. Of course I wanted to cuddle with cute little Che's newness, but the fact that it didn't work into the equation, didn't bother me, not a bit.

In fact, I read her email and I smiled the biggest smile, inside and out.

So I wanted to share the email that Melinda sent when canceling on me...

So I think we might have to try this another time. Che apparently doesn't appreciate spicy curry and was up all night and just fell asleep and we're already hours late for the day's plans. And I realize that you're probably overbooked with your short work week and a looming deadline and yet another awesome weekend planned : )

P.S. I'm now in a house with three children under school age. The five year old is driving me crazy with helping and being in the baby's face ALL.THE.TIME. The two year old is shouting numbers and orders and currently smacking a handdrum while we're trying to have a conversation. The baby is crying and pooping spicy poop nonstop. I was feeling a little blue about the lack of control or sanity in my day (on vacation supposedly) and then I thought "hey, looks like I woke up in Jenny's life". Haha!

So I pretty much think you're awesome.
Really, for me, there could be no better compliment or validation for my insanity! I'm always saying I just wanna be understood! :)

Sweet baby Che - photo by Katie Anderson, Portland Photographer

I stole this picture from Melinda's photographer's blog. Hope she's okay with that.
Here is the link

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  1. What a cutie! lol Glad my icky day has been turned into a good thing. I have since had far fewer icky days.

    And about the spicy food issue... I'm truly baffled. Che tolerates everything so well... cabbage, spicy Mexican food..... so imagine my surprise!

    Love ya Supermom!