Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow Bunny

Lawrence and Lily went skiing on Sunday. It was Lily's 4th time skiing, over the last 3 years. Lawrence would take her every weekend if he could. Next year he hopes he can start teaching Addie, so he and Lil need to go a few more times so she can be self sufficient. Someday, I'll ski again. It's just hard when I keep having babies every 2.5 years! :) I'm pretty bad anyway, so maybe Lily can give me some tips when I get back to the slopes. In the meantime, I'm pretty proud of my big girl and of her daddy for teaching her.


  1. Remind you to tell you the story about my family's idea of teaching me to ski at 8. You will die!!

  2. Oh she is so precious in her ski gear...Hugs

  3. Adorable pics!

    I have been so busy as of lately and haven't checked in on you in a couple of days and was like "WHOA! I have missed a lot of posts!!" You put me to shame! You have a new baby and are managing to post often! Kudo's to you!

    Hugs, Jenn

  4. Wow! Lily is quite the skier. :) She does much better than I did on the bunny slope. ;)