Friday, January 29, 2010

Way Back when we were Waiting on Bryson

It's hard to even remember that there was half a month of December that happened before Bryson got here. I know I was very prepared for the holidays this year, most of it done in November and all of December, before and after he came, is kind of a blur.

We did A LOT of crafting during this time. Waiting and crafting. We went to ceramic cafe like 4 times. I couldn't do much but just SIT with the girls, and we had to get out of the house...

Looking at the dates on the pictures, I'm amazed!

Painting dreidals for Gma and Gpa. I can't believe this was only 24 hrs before he was HERE! WOW.

Painting onsies - this was the SAME day as the dreidals? What!

We also made a gingerbread house this day! Did I forget that I was in labor? I honestly did not remember it all in one day!

2nd night of Hanukkah - electronic and child safe! :) By the eighth night, they could do part of the prayer.
First night of Hanukkah. Happy about the Mellissa & Doug presents from Gma & Gpa
Taking this photo during the first few hours of contractions, wondering WHY my hubby wasn't home from work yet...
A week before, more ceramic cafe, a mug for Uncle Matt with the "class beaver" Elliot! (see previous post on her disgusting love of stuffed animals! She loved this one SO much, each kid gets to take it home for a weekend with a notebook and write what they did with him, so there was pressure to do something good. She kept forgetting when we left the house too! I tried to get her to let him take a ride in our NEW washing machine. No go!)
Attempting to get an Addie print on Uncle Matt's mug for his new apartment

Lily's print isn't going to fit on a mug much longer, we had to get the biggest one!

Lots of fun waiting for Bryson, I'm glad to see that we spent some good QT with the girls, and glad I have some pictures to remember it because it's all a haze! :) To be honest sometimes the photos remind me that I'm a better mom than what I feel like at times.


  1. Oh Jenny, You're a fantastic mom. I can't even begin to imagine having the energy to do all that while in labour. The smiles on your children's faces tell me how very happy they are and how much they are loved. I truly admire you and the strength you've had dealing with little sleep and three children who need you. I'm glad you've become part of my life. Hugs

  2. I second Margaret's comments. You are an amazing Mom! It looks like you guys had much fun in the days prior to Bryson's arrival! Good for you. :)