Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bryson's Nursery

Drumroll please...okay, maybe not, but I've been meaning to post some pictures of Bryson's new nursery. Added bonus, this is no longer his changing and nursing room, because he is now successfully sleeping in his crib, getting up at 2 & 5ish still to eat. But tonight I fed him at midnight, and I'm hopeful he'll do a long stretch.

It's not totally finished's what it's going to be for a while and it looks great. This WAS Addie's room....
And I changed it into Bryson's room...
My friend Carrie helped me tape the stripes for this room (THANK YOU CAR YOU ARE A GENIOUS!), and I painted it the week between Christmas and NYE when my mom was here in half our increments. (Hmm speaking of, I still have some brushes to wash in the mud sink...darn).

It really turned out great. And the best part of this room...

We did not spend a DIME on it. We were given a few of the monkey accessories by my mom and as gifts. But we did the whole room for free, recycling stuff from the girls and paint we already had in the house. Sure, I could have (and did) find a BUNCH of nurseries that I loved and spent a lot, but I really knew it was something that we didn't need to spend money on, nor could we afford to. And so it feels really good to have made it such a nice space-regardless of cost. (or lack of cost!)

Look how happy AND OLD Bryson looks about it...

Jennifer made this cool photo thing for my shower. There is one more spot for a picture of Bryson and it goes GREAT in his room... R to L that's Lawrence, Jenny, Lily, Addie

The crib and changing table being used for a THIRD time. Sabine gave us a new diaper pail and wipes warmer.

We had a great day today and even a short date night (Thank you Sabine for forcing this on us and knowing what we need!). We spent an hour talking about the kids. But we are surprised at how good we are getting at this. :) Meaning our marriage, how this has been very challenging, how Bryson is doing SO much better, and how we seem to genuinely not be pissed at each other 99% of the time. That is a change from our prior postpartum weeks with the girls. In the past we've struggled these weeks, not getting snippy with each other, forgetting our awesome sense of humor, one of the best qualities in our marriage. Forgetting about being a good team and caring how hard it is on the other. It is tiring and stressful and emotion filled and overwhelming. And we are doing it.
Doing it just fine.Cutest biggest softest newborn feet that I've ever held.


  1. Looks very nice, Jenny. Great job and all without spending a dime. :) Glad Sabine forced a short date night on the two of you. You deserve some time as just husband and wife. It is so refreshing when it happens, even on a rare occasion. Love you!

  2. Those stripes look SO exact! Impressive!

  3. I'd just like to point out how FABULOUS the green wall looks... never mind the new stripes. : )


    (I helped w/ the green years back, it's a great memory for me with Jenny & Lawr.)

    Love you -