Monday, January 18, 2010


I've always heard that you really need to watch out for babies under 3 months getting RSV, which is why it is so important to keep them away from a cold. RSV can be life threatening, I remember knowing that.

And now, my five week old has it. I'm pissed. BUT IT IS NOT LIFE THREATENING FOR HIM RIGHT NOW. It just sucks.

He's going to be okay, his oxygen levels are 98% (with anything over 90 being normal). We got a breathing treatment at the dr's office to try to fix the wheezing, she aspirated him, getting out some mucus, etc.

He's gaining (11lbs 3oz) up almost 2 pounds in 2 weeks, he's hydrated (thanks to me pumping and bottling and then letting half of it drip down is neck day and night), and he doesn't have a fever.

But RSV! I've always known to make sure my babies don't get that. And now one has. And it'll last about another week as it runs it's course.

I'm thankful because he can and is eating, frustrating as it is for us both. He can sleep upright in the carseat, swing, bouncy, or in my arms, I can keep up my milk supply by pumping and letting him try to nurse when he can. I'm thankful because he will get better, and in a tired week this will hopefully be a blip on his "oh my when you were a baby" radar! I'm thankful that he has a healthy little full term body that can fight this virus, and he will be okay.

I'm thankful for the wonderful conversation I had this morning with my dear old friend about life, struggles, marriage, making it work, seeing the positive, appreciating the blessings, knowing how good you have it, donating organs, willing children, the wonder of non-lazy parenting, how hard it is, how great it is, failure not being an option and making it work again, getting a break, surviving loss, appreciating each other, why women rock, and how grateful we both are when we find a half hour of each others' busy lives to talk on the phone.

Thank you sweet friend for your complete understanding, I look up to you as a woman and a mother, and I'm so glad to call you my friend. A conversation with you is like a yummy drink of water for my tired soul, and I feel absolutely refreshed! (I wish you were more like a yummy cold drink of milk to go with my warm non dairy brownies - but the ice water will have to do!)

PS - Mission moving Bryson from swing to bouncy seat so I could get my first shower since THURSDAY (EWE!) was successful. I'm clean!

And now...about this RSV. YUCK! But as usual, we'll be okay. I just know it.


  1. Oh Poor Bryson, And Poor Jenny. I've been there. I know how hard that is, I'll be thinking of you guys. Let me know if there is anything I can do!! xoxo

  2. RSV....can go to hell!! So sorry to hear that Bryson has it, but it sounds like he is doing good. Especially important are his O2 numbers and they are nice and high.

    I know how scary it can be. Grace and Caroline got RSV last January and Grace ended up hospitalized due to low O2 #'s. Caroline held her own and didn't need to be hospitalized. I wrote about it here if it helps at all:

    Don't worry everything will be okay! He sounds like he is holding his own and doing well.

    Good job and congrats on the shower ;)

    Hugs, Jenn

  3. So sorry to read this! Sending healthy thoughts your way. Spring will be here soon.

  4. Sorry to hear this Jenny. Will keep all of you in my prayers, especially in the next few days. Hang in there!

  5. Oh no, oh no! Hang in there... gotta love a baby who constantly smells like dried breast milk. Oh, and a Mom who smells like that too- ha!

  6. Oh poor Bryson!!! I hope he is feeling better soon and at least you have a diagnosis now so you can watch for signs of him getting worse. Interestingly enough I participated in an RSV research study at BC Children's Hospital when Calvin and Georgia were born. They are thinking of adding the RSV vaccine to the regular vaccine schedule up here and I don't think it's such a bad idea. Glad to hear you made it into the shower, I know that yucky feeling of having a sick child and not being able to put them down long enough to shower. This too shall pass....Hugging you

  7. Oh Jenny, I am soo sorry if I scared you! Not my intention at all! So stupid of me. They tested his O2 and he is doing great! Don't worry! If he starts to seem more larthegic than usual put a call into the dr. But he will be just fine!

    Hugs, Jenn