Monday, January 11, 2010

Four weeks, getting to know you

Today Bryson is already 4 weeks old.

And I think I'm finally getting to really know him. Or the four week old him that is.

It has been 8 days that I haven't been eating any milk or milk protein, dairy, whey, etc. It has really made a difference in his fussiness. He's happy, for him. I mean maybe by someone else's standards he might not seem happy, but for him, he's happy. And now that he's my new normal, he's really happy as far as I'm concerned.

I feel like I'm finally at a point where I'm getting to know him, I know how to keep him happy, and that makes me happy.

Eating on a three hour schedule, taking gas drops right before, seems to be the key. Also, swaddling him up withing five minutes of him starting to fuss, and getting him down for a nap is also a must. If I push him longer for his nap, he really falls apart and there is screaming. If he sleeps longer and waits longer to eat, he really falls apart. He fusses when over-stimulated or bored, he likes his position to be changed often and he sometimes just wants to be put down, where he can still see you but not in your arms.

He is tracking a lot with his eyes, and it feels good to see him watch me. He smiles only in his sleep still, but I feel a real smile is coming. Soon, I hope.

His diaper rash is nearly gone, and for the first time since he was 9 days old I don't dread changing his diapers for fear of putting him in one type of pain or another. (Thank you generic Monistat 7).

I love that I'm getting to know my boy Bryson so well. He is sweet and when he's fussing or not, he is delicious. I'm really more in love with him that I was when he was born, (and definitely more than 8 days ago!) I love that I know what he needs and when he needs it. I know it's not brain surgery...but in a new baby fog, it feels like a big accomplishment.

He's still waking every 2-3 hrs at night so I haven't had more sleep, except for the one 4.5 hr stretch one night. I'm still tired. Addie has a cold. Lily is a handful, but had a great day today. Lawrence's dad goes home tomorrow, but his mom is staying through Saturday.

Poor girls, a whole blog devoted to them four weeks ago, and now...they each get a sentence that isn't even a good sentence. Lots has been going on with them, and I'll get back to them soon. Just not quite yet

Just as I pressed 'Publish' my laptop battery died last night so this didn't get posted.
I think I jinxed myself by being all, oh, I know Bryson now and I can read him and I know how to make him happy. ha.
He screamed from midnight to 3am. He didn't take a full feeding after 10pm.
I'm a tired zombie again.
Lawrence is having the tired competition with me. He says we both didn't sleep last night, although I heard and saw him snoring the entire night. Waking up for under a minute to be annoyed at the crying and back to snore-ville.
These kids will keep you on your toes.

I am lucky though. I have my mother in law downstairs bouncing and shushing with a pumped bottle so that I can lay down and sleep, and I have Sabine who took the kids to OMSI this morning for some fun so that I can lay down and sleep.

My little guy is just having an off day. Maybe after we both have a good nap, I'll know what he needs again, because as for now, I'm at a loss...

And Addie said her ear hurts, so I guess I better call to get it looked at by the pediatrician, since it's likely infected. Yawn.

For now, I'll lay down and sleep.

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  1. Oh Jenny, wishing you sleep. You sound tired yet happy and I'm so happy the milk thing is working for Bryson. Wishing you a good solid six hour stretch of sleep. Hugs