Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Weighing in on day 1

Today, Bryson met Sabine. She fell in love.

He did not get circumcised today because his penis is too small. hehe. We just have to wait a few days and a urologist will do it! Lawr was THRILLED by this news, the too smallness that is, and made me promise I wouldn't blog about it. heh.

While skyping with the girls, and skype totally sucked today, Lily said, "I love that kid". about Bryson, it was so sweet.

Addie is out of sorts, she was very snugly with Sabine. She keeps saying, "my want Bryson home now". Lily had her last tap class and did grrrreat at the performance for parents. I was sad to have missed it. When she signed up in Sept, Dec 15 sounded like light years away, and now it's today.

B was much more settled today than last night. I had a bout with naseau this morning, I think it was from taking IBprophen on an empty stomach + exhaustion.

B can hear out of both ears!

We'll be getting out of the hospital tomorrow. I'm thankful for the wireless internet here. Lawr took today off work, but stayed last night with the girls and in our comfy bed. I had a tired, restless night with Bryson, but it was good.

Today, he was 7lb 10oz @ 5:15pm when they did a weight check.


  1. Take it easy mama. I am so happy to hear that he is a little more settled and getting used to being out in the world.

    I emailed you, then realized that you would not be checking that probably.....

    Would love to see you guys when you are ready....

    Let me know if I can do anything for you.

    Glad to hear you can spend xmas as a family at home.

    Get some rest, if you can. I know it is hard to relax at the hospital.

    And, in my email I let you know after my epidural I cried alot as well.....it was reallyscary for me and things went well, or did htey also have to redo part of mine? Not remembering now...


  2. Heh heh...I'm not going to say another word about that other than, goodness that was funny. Bryson looks great, it's good to hear that his ears are perfect and that he's starting to settle. It's funny to me to hear you talk about his weight, Georgia alone was 7 lbs 10oz and Calvin was 6 lbs 13 oz. When I think about it, I'm amazed I could stand at all...LOL. So glad to hear things are good, bet you can't wait to get home. Much love...

  3. All good news to hear! Rest up lady. Love you so so much. If you need anything, let me know. I have a little bit of time now before heading home. Hugs!

  4. Great news Jenny! Congratulations on your new little boy! He is gorgeous! Take good care of yourself and rest when you can.