Monday, December 14, 2009

Bryson Nathaniel Herman is here

He was born at 6:35 pm on 12/14/09
He is perfect and big at 7lbs 15oz, 19 inches long with a head 13.75 inches.
10 days EARLY!

First CRY!

He hasn't stopped sucking since birth, and is nursing strong.

I'm in love again, but still in disbelief that he is here and I'm a mother of three.

I came to the hospital because my doctor was on call and rather than see a partner of hers, she wanted me to come to the hospital so she could check me out after a weekend of strong contractions. I knew I wasn't in active labor, but decided to still bring my bag, etc, assuming I'd be sent home.

She checked me out and I was at 4 cm and 90%, and she said no way was she sending me home. This is my third baby. That was about 11:30am.

Around 1:30pm my doctor broke my water, and contractions were about 2 minutes apart. I called for the epidural, glad that I didn't need any thing to get my labor going except a small hole in my amniotic sac.

The first attempt at the epidural did not go well. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but he got the epidural in the wrong spot, and my heart rate went very high, I was dizzy and my lips her tingling and I did not feel okay. He had to take out the epidural and redo it. The whole thing was very scary for me, because I really felt like I wasn't going to be okay for a few minutes. Then I cried and cried, even after the epidural was over and all was fine with me and Bryson. I felt wiped out and tired after that, also very shaky. But Robin and Lawrence and I changed the subject and all talked about something else for a while and I relaxed. Lawrence was visibly scared but he did great supporting me.

After 2 perfect, dream epidurals it certainly was less than ideal but it wasn't the end of the world. It took my focus off of labor and my contractions slowed down, so the doc decided to give me a tad of petocin. That seems to work well and I was ready to push around 6. I started pushing at 6:16 and he was born at 6:35.

He didn't cry at first and was pretty purple but then he started to cry and was okay.

Right now, he is laying next to me, pretty unsettled. He is crying a lot when not nursing and just overall not thrilled about being in the world yet. But I'm loving snuggling him and the confidence and ease I have with him. I'm also on a bit of an adrenaline high, but I'm not very tired. I'm physically shaky and exhausted, but not sleepy. Esp since the nurse has to come check my temp in about 45 minutes.

I was able to pee so no catheter this time (I had to have one over night due to a bruised bladder the previous two pregnancies), I was pretty nervous about that, so very relieved.

We got to skype with the girls for a few minutes before bed, and with Lawr's parents. Technology is amazing.

Here are some totally out of order pics...Dr Simpson arriving...she left for an errand 15 minutes before I was complete, planning to come back after a meeting, and will be so disappointed not to have delivered him.

My friend and Doula, Robin Rose - THANK YOU!

tired and proud daddy

Long toes!

Here was the time line notes from Robin:
10:45a triage
11:30a admitted
1:25p small hole in water
3p contractions picked up
3:30 epidural
4pm -5 cm
4:55 - 6 cm
5pm - start petocin
6:35 - born!

So far here is what I know about Bryson:
He wants to suck nonstop
He is non discriminatory between a breast, a finger, a pacifier, his hand, his blanket...he'll suck it all
He likes his hands to touch his face at all times
He is very restless (this happens to be great for me and my worrying about him breathing and being safe)
He isn't bothered by being unswaddled and cool like his sisters
His legs look chubby compared to Addie's tiny legs (6lbs2oz)
His hands and feet are BIG
His testicles also are huge
He does not really look like his sisters
He doesn't have much hair, just a lot of fuzz
He has under his nose either a reddish birthmark or a bruise/stork bite that will go away
He hasn't opened his eyes barely at all
He is loved, Loved, LOVED

That's all for now friends. I'm going to get my temp taken and sleep. Thank you so much for your prayers, love, support. Thank you God for giving me another perfect child. I do not deserve this gift and I will do my best to show Your love to him, to them all. A few posts ago, I asked "what is blessed?".


Is blessed.


  1. Great job Mama! Bryson looks beautiful. I'm proud of you and happy for your whole family. May God continue to bless you richly. Love ya!

  2. Jenny, I am so happy for you that Bryson arrived safely. He's gorgeous. Sounds like a bit of stress with the epidural, I had a similar situation with my spinal for my caesarean. Kinda scary. I had to laugh at the bit about his testicles being so big, Calvin's were too. It's gotta be a newborn boy thing, their testes just look hugely out of proportion with the rest of them. As for the stork bite, Georgia also has one under her nose which has faded consideribly since her birth. Once again, congrats on Bryson's safe arrival. You are so very blessed. Hugs

  3. I have a grandson!!! Bryson is a beautiful little boy, a perfect new little addition to our family. Technology is wonderful, to be able to see Snapfish and blog photos on the Internet just a few hours after his birth. I love you already, Bryson, and can't wait to meet and hold you.
    Lots and lots of love,
    Grandma Lanie

    P.S. Jenny, you did a wonderful job. You, too, Lawrence. Congratulations to you both!

  4. You DO deserve HIM! You strong beautiful woman you! Congrats! He's all boy, handsome and I noticed those strong hands right away. My boy was a vigorous nurser too! Be careful he doesn't hurt you, if you know what I mean. My boy was a hoover. Ha! Thought I had the nursing thing down by #3 and I was in pain by week 6 because he was latching on wrong. I wish you rest and comfort and peace! Congratulations! We're even now you and me. 2 girls 1 boy. Family of 5 is great! Enjoy every minute you can. :)

  5. Congratulations!!! I'm so happy your little man is here and safe. That epidural sounds like a nightmare! So sorry you had to go through that. You guys look great. Tired, but great :) Congrats, again!

  6. Congratulations! I'm so excited for you FIVE!

  7. Congratulations to Bryson! He looks beautiful :)