Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Things that make me smile

I smile a lot these days, and I haven't written enough about that.

The sound of Bryson gulping while nursing with a pain free latch and no nipple shield.

The sound of Addie belly laughing. She still sounds just like she did as a baby and when she really gets going, it is infectious.

Lily holding Bryson and singing a made up song to him about how wonderful babies are. I resisted the urge to go get the video camera because I knew she'd go from big sis singing to little bro to a clown dancing on stage! :) But I'll hold the sweetness of it in my heart.

Addie doing tap dance and ballet, by doing the same dance and either yelling "tap tap tap" or "bayay bayay bayay"

Watching the girls dote over Bryson, even when they might or might not be on the verge of endangering him... :) (not really)

Walking downstairs to a picked up living room and clean kitchen that I didn't do. Sabine always takes the first part of the girls down time to do this, and, at a time when the house would be falling apart around me, the sound of a running dishwasher and sight of a clean sink that I didn't load made me smile. Reason 1001 that she makes my life so much easier and I'll be forever grateful to her that I can enjoy this time getting to know my baby boy without worrying about the failings of a messy home.

Addie wanting to put the diapers in the diaper champ and calling it "my job" taking her job very seriously. I now put the diapers on the floor in a ball so she can do her "job".

Lily laughing so hard she fell down when Addie said "By-on has poopie in his belly button"...because it does kind of look like it.

Sweet and thoughtful emails.

A picture of myself with my family that I absolutely love.

Softer breasts. I made it through engorgement!

Bryson's 15 different expressions that he makes while I try and burp him sitting up, leaning forward on my hand, from scrunched to mad, to worried, to smiling, to eyebrows lifted, forehead wrinkled, to sound asleep, all in a 10 second span. I can't get a picture to capture how beautiful he is to me, and I know I never will.

The fact that I got a blog written today and have about 1.5 hrs before B will eat again, so it's nap time for me (ya know, maybe, I am not in charge right now, but there is promise of a nap to be).

Listening to Lawrence say "son" as often as possible to his son.

Listening to Lawrence talk to Bryson, no matter what he is saying, melts me.

I am in love with my new little man, I'm in love with my old big man, I love my girls and Sabine.

My life makes me smile.


  1. That is so wonderful to hear. Your post about your life making you smile made me smile too. Hugs

  2. Beautiful, Jenny, just beautiful! You and your whole family (including Sabine) all look georgous. Sending warm, happy thought, smiles, and prayers your way! Love you all.