Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Three Baby Herman Tongues

Day 2 highlights:

I got some sleep last night between 3-6am and felt pretty good today
Bryson doesn't need to meet with the urologist, but will schedule his circumcision for later in the month once things, uh, grow
We got discharged from the hospital at 11am and I survived getting through it alone. Lawrence came from work and we went straight to my amazing lactation consultant.
Laurie could not believe I had three kids but was happy to help Bryson and me perfect his latch and make things a little less painful for me. (Except for the postpartum contractions...OUCH!)
She said he will be a great nurser, my milk is not in but he got a half oz of colostrum while we were there and she said that was a lot.
We got home and Bryson got to meet his Uncle Matt (my bro). Lily was at school and Addie was napping, so I went directly for a nap and B slept in his carseat next to the bed for 1.5hrs!
Then B and I went down to meet the sisters.
They were SO SO SO excited. It was great. Addie lost interest quickly after saying some cute things that I can't remember. She did give Bryson her "bear bear" the ultimate sign of love in Addie.
Sabine got some pictures of the homecoming and the girls meeting him, but she is out on some MUCH DESERVED time off this evening, so I'll do another homecoming post later.
Bryson is getting very hungry and I expect my milk will come in tonight, so that is good.
He nursed (and I survived with the girls practically on top of us seeing what was going on). Lily kept saying, "there ya go buddy, that's whatcha wanted" and things like that which would have been so cute if I wasn't contracting with a hungry barracuda on my sore nipples at the moment.
At dinner Bryson slept swaddled in the swing with it off (which drives the girls crazy, they want full music and motion if the swing is to be in use).
A few more bedtime cuddles from his sisters, and Bryson and I ate again, a little easier this time.

Right now he sleeps on his daddy, swaddled and cute as a button. Daddy is afraid to move like he is with all his newborns...they look so sweet!

I'm going to feed him around 10:30 and then head to bed. Wish us luck on our first night home.

Many of you keep commenting that you can't believe I am keeping up with this site. Well, for all of you that email me, and facebook me, and blog comment me, and text me, you will notice that I am not replying. This is my way to let you ALL know how it is going, as well as my way to keep up to date a little bit for myself. I appreciate all of your kind words and your happiness for our family. I would love to take the time to get back to you all, and since I can't...I feel better doing an update, because that is what I would really love to do. Anyway, I'm doing it for me and because I really want to keep our families updated. could I not want to share all of this wonderful happening to me.

Here are some sibling pictures. I've been waiting so long for these!


  1. Wow! Lily looks so big holding Bryson. You've got a great group of kids, Jenny. I'm proud of you! Thank you for keeping us all posted via this blog. It is a blessing to be 'in the loop' of how things are going in these early days. Love you!

  2. Absolutely awesome! Everyone seems to be adjusting well and the girls looked thrilled with their new baby brother!

    He is adorable!!

    Congrats again!

  3. They are all three so adorable! We had the same "fight" about leaving the swing off. What is that all about? I think my girls were in the swing more than the baby was. Sounds like you are doing well. Way to go! You are awesome!!!

  4. Laurie is so awesome. Thank you again for telling me about her (five years ago).

    That picture with your three kids & tongues is just adorable! What a beautiful family!