Sunday, November 1, 2009

Salmon Spawning

So Salmon are's the scientific rundown...

They are born in the stream, they swim to the ocean when they are teenagers, they live their life in the ocean, then when it's time they swim back to their place of birth to lay their eggs and die. All the while they are readjusting between salt water and fresh water living. Seem amazing? It is. Now build dams and fish ladders and don't expect that to interfere with their "natural" intuition of which way to go. I kept thinking, how the hell do they know that that next "pond" (made of concrete and wood) that they are wildly jumping for is the way to their birth place???

After the Pumpkin Patch on Oct 18 we stopped at Bonneville Damn Fish Hatchery at Cascade Locks to watch the Salmon do their thing. We had a picnic lunch and it was so awesome watching them jump strong, high, and crazy up the ladder, knowing which was was The Way! Again, the girls and Rachel were so cute, I could barely stand it. Running in rain boots is always so funny...and they were very intrigued by the fish!

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