Monday, November 9, 2009

Praying for Stellan

Please pray for MckMama this morning if you feel touched by this. She is a fellow blog mama that I don't know personally but whose story is touching. She is an amazing mom, has four children, and the youngest (one-year-old a week ago) is in Boston this morning having heart surgery. It was scheduled for tomorrow - after a scary week in the PICU at their home hospital - but they had to rush it all today because when she took him off of the meds yesterday to prepare for tomorrow, he crashed. So she is there, alone, waiting for her husband to arrive. Pray for Stellen's little body (particularly his valves and nodes behaving the way they hope and staying strong), MckMama's peace, the older three children understanding and care, and for Dr. A & his team's skills and wisdom.

Once again, my heart is heavy to hear the burdens of a mother I don't know, and a little boy fighting who I will never likely meet. Reading about this roller coaster they are on is hard, but her openness and faith is inspiring. Please, God, I beg along with her to let Stellan live!


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