Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oktoberfest in Oregon with 3 Germans + 4.5 Americans

We have always wanted to go to the Oktoberfest celebration in Mount Angel, but have never gotten around to it. This year seemed like the perfect year since we have a new German member to our family. Why not take her to show her the best German festival that Oregon can put on. Well come to find out, this is the biggest Oktoberfest this side of the Mississippi.

It was fun...

We went on Sunday morning and hour before it opened. You know, that's the best time for a party. There were tents set up from people who likely couldn't drive home the raging night before and who were likely at 10am still in there sleeping it off. Ahh, that might have been us in the good old days.

But this year we are pregnant and had our two little ones with us and are on a tight budget. So we splurged for a beer sausage for Lawrence and the girls and some apple fritters for me + lots of browsing and free exhibits and a whole free Kintergaten for the kids. The got to do jumpy houses and ride a pony. The whole day for only $6 + a packed lunch and some snacks! We promised to come back again some day and do it right with the beer garden and more food!

We also brought Sabine's best new friend Hanna (also an au pair from Germany) who has been to the REAL Oktoberfest, as well as another German girl. They were laughing a bit, surprised by the Lederhosen in America. It was Hanna's 20th birthday and so I hope it was nice for her to get a small taste of home, if there really was any taste of home in it! :) If not, she got a great laugh, and some beautiful weather!!

We told Sabine that some day we will come to Germany and she will have to meet us for Oktoberfest. Then we decided it would have to be 10 years from now because the thought of the flight to Germany from Portland with 3 little kids made us want to barf. She said in 10 years, she hoped she had kids of her own. We said, perfect, Lily would babysit! :)

Jumpy house 1/3 for the day
Addie was so cute, she saw two girls dressed up like German's holding hands like this and skipping to the side back and forth to polka music, so she got out of the stroller and held her two hands out to Lily to do the same. They danced all around.
Beer sausage. YUM! Daddy is teaching them that any thing on a stick "just tastes better!"
Watching the coo-coo clock at the Glokenspeil

Hanna, Sabine, & Stephy
Again, our Germans.
Addie REALLY loved the ponies. No fear and just squealing and laughing the whole time. They went fast too, I could barely keep up!

Pony ride. Addie was very excited over the fact that her pony had a TAIL, and couldn't stop turning around to look at it. I tried desperately to show her that the pony in front of her had a tail too. "YiYi pony tail????" looking back at Lily's pony!
Don't let the smile fool you, she was terrified and oh so jealous that I was standing with my hand on Addie's back. As soon as she got off she asked if we could go again. I guess she did like it somewhat! Again? Uh, no, while you were off jumpy housing, mama waited in line for one hour! :)
Almost our turn!

It really was a magnificent fun family day! We want to enjoy every last minute of this sunshine we are getting!

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