Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Greatest Show on Earth

On Saturday my Aunt Caroline got us 5 box seat tickets to see the circus. It meant cutting the Buckeye game a little short to make it...but the good news is they were WAY ahead, so Lawrence was alright with it.

We had a very fun time and the girls loved playing Hide and Seek in the Suite during intermission and after the show. Shane's (my 10 year old cousin) first place to hide was in this cabinet so of course the girls didn't hide anywhere else the whole time. That's how we roll with H&S!

The circus was amazing, there are some parts that are very Cirque du Soleil now and of COURSE Lily loved that. The pictures I took of the Tigers weren't very good but the show was impressive. And of course box seats with our own bathroom, complete with TVs was the perfect way to brave an event with a 2 year old and a pg mama. We really enjoyed it. Thanks Caroline. We TRIED to convince Shane to want to see Disney on Ice with the Princesses + Others. If he wants to go, we might get to go too. I told him it could be his bday gift to Lily. Otherwise I think Lily might get to go with just one parent, because no way do I feel like spending money to contain Addie for 2+ hrs with other PAYING guests.

On a more serious note, many of you have asked what's happening with a job for Lawrence. The truth is, our family could really use your prayers for strength as Lawrence continues his job hunt. We are also now in a battle with Unemployment over keeping benefits that we thought were a sure thing for the next few months. (Apparently taking a one day temp job that isn't suited for you is NOT a good idea when receiving unemployment-they'd rather you sit home and do nothing! Errr) I know that God has a plan for us, and our needs will be met. I believe that 100%. Our biggest need right now is that we both can continue to have a positive outlook and stay in a good mental place for our kids and for each other. We have been doing a great job of that, but this is a stressful situation and it is wearing on us both. We know that we will make it through this, and we appreciate all your support and prayers through our struggles.

As always, our family continues to enjoy each other, our beautiful city, have fun, and make due despite things being tight. We are so lucky to live in a wonderful area where there are so many free activities to enjoy. Every weekend we are amazed by our great friends and by the community of the Pacific Northwest! Next post, Oktoberfest in Oregon with three Germans! :)

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  1. Been praying for you, Friend! I thank the Lord for your faithfulness and trust in Him. That faith will take you far! You are doing a great job on keeping up with the blogs. I wish I could do as well. ;) Love ya!