Monday, August 10, 2009

47 bites

Between Lawrence and I, I think we have about 47 mosquito bites from the weekend. We had a wonderful time at the Blanchet Family reunion at Red Bridge State Park in the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon. The hardest part of camping pregnant was getting in and out of the tent and helping the girls get dressed without being able to kneel down on the ground. All rules of modesty were broken when had them dress from atop a picnic table so mommy didn't have to bend down one more time to help them get pants on.

We all slept pretty well in the tent, though I worked late on Thursday night and got up early on Friday morning at home, so Friday night Addie and I went to bed much earlier than Lawrence and Lily. This is just what I needed to feel rested for the day on Saturday.

Many more of my cousins came this year (as opposed to some years when it is mostly my moms cousins). Which was really fun. Lily and Addie had a blast playing with all the cousins and a surprise visit from Uncle Matt on Saturday night who happened to be in LaGrande finishing up 3 weeks of national guard training. They ran him ragged and laughed their heads off as usual, and he headed back to training with a frog tatoo on his cheek.

This is our last week with Katy, and our Au Pair, Sabine arrives in the US today!! She will be at Au Pair school in NYC until Friday when she flies to us. Her plane should land in Newark in about an hour and I just checked and it looks like all was on time. I'm glad for that for her as it was her first time flying, and that seemed to be the one thing she was nervous about.

I have a plethora of pictures to post from the last month, and plan to get them uploaded tonight.

We have Katy every day this week and she has a mountain of fun planned for the girls and she also wants to make a scrapbook of their fun summer together so I promised I would finish uploading tonight.

Room sharing continues to have its ups and downs, but the girls are adjusting. Last night Addie was the tired one, and Lily was throwing a fit because now she is used to going to sleep by the campfire and can't go to sleep without one. But they were both asleep within an hour so we are making progress. This morning they were up at 6:30, but voluntarily stayed in their room until 7:30am. So BIG progress there! They did make the "milk march" at that time and came into announce to me that milks were NOT made last night. Which I knew. I didn't mind though because they gave me a few minutes to lay there and not get out of bed. It is just hilarious to listen to them in the mornings.

Addie continues to be a little more difficult than she used to be, but her behavior is perfectly normal for a 2 year old. She wants what she wants when she wants it and will do whatever it takes to get it, caring little about rules or how it affects others. Wait, even though this is perfect 2 year old behavior, I do know some adults who act that way too. hmm. Again, I'm just very spoiled because prior to 2 she was above average for an under two year old in the easy department. She's definitely a mommy's girl and would prefer it if I'd carry her and hold her most of the time. Or be available and ready to at any moment. This has definitely been more since the room sharing and her always being a bit over tired. She loves to get her bear bear and snuggle.

I've got to get back to work. Lot's to do this week in preparation for Sabine and unpacking decampfiring from the weekend. Plus I'm going to try to go to prenatal water fitness tonight and see how that helps my back. My friend Robin is 39+ weeks, and tonight could be her last class, so I'd love to visit with her before she is holding her little guy.

More posts and pictures to come.

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