Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Painting Progress

Way way way before...I think this picture was taken when we had just bought the house...

I was planning to wait until I could post more of an "Reveal" photo for the room, but too many of you have been asking to see pictures since I'm guessing you are just wondering how in the heck a DARK chocolate brown room is going to work for two little girls. Well I tell you it is going to be wonderful. Someday. I'm also not sure that we'll be able to get it completed in a reveal style way before we have to move them in (i.e. all furniture purchased, bedding, perfect accessories found, etc) before moving them.

There are still a lot of things for us to consider. Do we move Addie in the crib or just suck it up and move her in her toddler bed and make the change one big change? She goes to bed SOOOOO well in a crib and sleeps so well there, we are scared to mess with success. Do we buy her a toddler bed or just use a twin mattress on the floor for a while like we did with Lily so we don't have to worry about bedding size. Although we HAD the bed for Lily already so it was a no brainer. Do we move one of them first and then get that one used to it then add another, or just plunge in?

Well first things first...we need to hang curtains because this is the lightest and brightest room in the house, especially at 4:30am. We bought curtains and liner, vs having someone make them and hope we've figured a way to hang them. Lawrence got stuck on the first two brackets out of 8 last night, so I guess we'll see. He doesn't want me that high on the ladder so we are at a standstill on curtain progress. I was happy he didn't throw the drill thru the window causing the expense of having to buy a new window. Haha. But that is really the last step before starting to move things. And I already have an offer of a friend to come help him finish hanging the curtain rod. So likely by this weekend we can start the move...
Here is after the brown and pink was painted but before stripes. We thought that looked good.

This will be the curtain material, pink and brown and yellow and blue with butterflies. Brown black out / energy efficient shades underneath.

This was "during", that is my friend Carrie touching up before we pulled some of the tape off. We used a different sheen for the white so we had to wait an extra day for that. Thank you so much to Carrie for all her help in figuring out the stripe pattern and teaching me how to tape it. Then taping it! :) She also has THE coolest trick for sealing the tape lines. It worked pretty well and there is only about an hour worth of touch up.

We are so happy with how it is turning out. Lawrence was very skeptical of the stripes, but he loves them, I mean how could you not, they look awesome.

Update: Butterfly curtains are up, now for the dark brown roman shades, energy efficient and dark room causing during the wee hours! Progress is made. Friday is move in day.


  1. I love the stripes, but aren't they such a pain to tape and prep? Oi! That's a lot of work you guys did, but it paid off- looks really nice!!!

    I love the brown/pink combo!

    The window in that room is gorgeous, and the nice high ceilings... Very pretty!

  2. The room is looking very, very good. All your very hard work is definitely paying off.

  3. WOW I love these!!! This turned out so awesome!! Do you mind if I highlight this sometime?