Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Robin and Landy Visit!

My wonderful friend, my college roommate, my matron of honor, my ROBIN! came to visit at the beginning of the month with her cutie patootie Landry. Last time I saw Landry she was inside her mama's belly waiting to make her debut into the world. Luckily she waited until her due date and came a month later. She is now 14 months, so needless to say, it had been too long. It was wonderful catching up with Robin, when we weren't catching up with our own kiddos (which didn't leave us much time), but it was also fun just hanging out as busy moms with her too. Oldie but goodie friends always do something very special for your soul. Love you Robbie!
If you know Robin, you know why this pic just cracks me up! Classic mom move.
Robin using her old teaching skills and showing Lily how to read. I know that's not what it looks like they are doing, but that is what they are doing!
Landry and her million dollar smile!
Addie and Landry shopping together at the Children's Museum.
The girls getting ready to watch Elmo Loves You for movie night!

Us and our girls (missing Robin's son, Teagan, or it would be us and our kids!)

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