Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fun with Grandma Lanie

My mom always gets the best pictures of the girls. She leaves me after at week with 700+ pictures on the card. It puts a major block on my blogging because while I LOVE having such fabulous pictures of my girls, I just don't know where to start. The pictures are too good! She just takes and takes and gets awesome pictures. Here are a few great ones from the time we were not at the beach. The beach ones are a whole other thing to go through...I'm getting there. I'm determined to get everything up before this weekend, and Addie's bday party, so enjoy lots of pictures and less writing!

Lily playing an oldie but goodie game that my mom's friend Marilyn got her, she brought a bunch of old fun games to dinner one night and then they raved at how well behaved my children were. She doesn't have kids, so this is a BIG compliment. If she only knew it was really her gifts that did the trick. :)

Matching Dresses from Gma and color coordinating silly putty. Addie thinks Lily hung the moon, as long as she'll stay out of her FACE!
Addied LOVED her first corn on the cob!
Shirtless is the only way to go!
Addie climbing up on the fence while Lawrence and Lily worked on the new firepit they are building in the lower unused level of our yard (I was at work and never would have allowed this climbing, that is NOT a sturdy fence, but in true my mom fashion, a good pic comes before safety hehe) (Sorry mom, but sorta true!)

Gma Lanie and Addie

More sisterly love. Addie does smile like crazy but apparently not when taking pictures together with here smiling sis!

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