Monday, June 29, 2009

Addie's Second Birthday Party

On Sunday afternoon we had a birthday party for Addie. We invited 4 families that we are really close to, 3 of which have kids Addie's age, so they would be her "friends". 4 families, 12 kids, 20 people. It was a lot of fun though. And relatively easy to pull together in a weekend of painting.

Addie was napping and no guests had arrived yet so Lily, Lawrence, and I had an Elmo drawing contest on the white board. Lawrence's is on the right, that is who Addie voted for. No one voted for mine. I had to wake Ads up from her nap. I figured it would be a good time for some sleepy photographs, and she didn't wake. So cute. She was all soaked and sweaty when I did get her to wake. My favorite!
Cute and Coy after just waking up to a house full of friends.
This is my version of an Elmo cake. She loved it, I might quit my day job to be a creative baker! Actually Lily helped a lot and did all the sprinkles herself. I was able to find cake mix at the store that was off the shelf milk free. Yay for not having to buy $6 cake mix! It was her first cake on her birthday! YAY!
Blowing out her candle!Very serious about her first juice box
Time to go outside
Playing in the pool. Addie got a noodle for her bday "noo noo" and she wouldn't put it down all day.

Addie and Benjamin

Opening Presents - from our friends Addie got a Little People MiniVan, a Little People Princess Carriage, A cow expandable tunnel, and a learning Fanta Color Pattern Building set. Plus Lily made her a plethera of crafts and thoughtful type garbage, plus a beaded necklace.

Lily was happy with all the new gifts too! Thank you to our friends for a really wonderful day, celbrating our sweet almost 2 year old girl.

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