Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Addie 22 months

Addie turned 22 months on 5/2/09. I started this post as a list that I planned to fill in the gaps in an essay format, but that just won't happen so I'm going to post the list before she is 23 months or 2! These are a few pics of her on her 22 mth bday and I'll be posting more Tulip fest photos of the family later.

Loves her Rain boots and stomping in puddles.

Would not look up and smile to save her life, but loved smelling the flowers.
Monkeying. She loves monkeys, being a monkey, eating bananas like a monkey, wearing monkey pjs, seeing a monkey at the zoo. Monkey - Mania!

At 22 months some of the new things Addie is doing:

She is a lot more independent and wants to do EVERYTHING herself. She says "I do" about everything. Even when I rock her in the chair for bedtime, she sometimes arches her back and says "I do do" meaning she wants to sit in the chair alone and rock herself! I won't lie and say that occassionally that doesn't hurt my feelings. It's funny, because we've always called bedtime "do do" since Lily was old enough to say, "Mommy do do" meaning Mommy put me to sleep. Now Addie is saying it too.

She says I love you. Sometimes she just says "too" meaning, I love you, too. There might not be a sweeter thing in the world. She also gives spontaneous hugs and kisses, though rarely on demand. She is starting to hug Lily more, Lily LOVES that.

She gets her own shoes on. Always on the wrong feet, but when you say that they are on the wrong feet she says "Oh" and sits down to switch it. She recently got her first pair of Crocs. Crocs rule. She wears them with the strap on and also clog style. Sometimes when I tell her to get her shoes on she says "feet feet" that means she wants to go out in bare feet. Since it has been rainy and 60s here the last 10 days, I haven't been going along with feet feet very often.

Gets herself dressed. Can do pants totally by herself and screams most of the time while you get her shirt on, she wants to do it herself. She can get feety pjs on by herself and also zipped and unzipped. Dressing time is often a struggle as she has an opion about what she wants to wear and she wants to do it all her self. She prefers jeans over stretchy comfy pants.

Her bedtime routine is to get on her sleep sack, white noise machine on (a lot quieter now) drink a sippy of rice milk while we rock in the rocking chair, and sing rock a bye baby. She also likes you are my sunshine and she calls that song "Happy". She likes me to sick "Rock a bye Kitty" too for the neighbor kitty that we say good night to every night out her window even though we rarely see it. She usually sleeps with 2 bear bears a pillow and a Princess fleecey blanket that Lily passed down to her so "she could have a bigger blankie".

Addie often says "happy" when she feels happy or after doing something fun. Hearing her say "Happy" is another very heartwarming thing about her. It's the equivalent of saying "Thanks mom, you are fun, and I feel happy about my life". AND I LOVE IT!

Shoe size: 4 (but some brands are starting to be too small, 5s are too big still)

She runs everywhere - never walks. Though she is just starting to learn to stop when you say stop or wait. She even says it herself when we get to the edge of the porch and we are locking the door. "Waaaaaaaiiiiiiit".

She loves to get pretend coffee "Cocky" for you and says "mo? mo?" to see if you need more. Then she makes you say "pweese" if you forget.

She has the best manners. She always says "pweeese mama" and "Chan Chu" She thinks the mama is part of the thank you and says that to daddy too. At the church nursery the woman told me Addie was the most polite 1-2 year old she had ever met.

We have been going to church about 2 Sundays per month. It is good for Addie to have an hour with kids her own age. She is a little nervous and scowls when I drop her off, but she doesn't cry and is usually playing and having fun when I pick her up.

When she screams for something and you remind her that isn't how we ask, she promptly says "pweese mama", she understands the concept to ask differently. She does not, however, understand the concept that sometimes you don't get something even though you said "pweeese mama".

"Lello" is her favorite color. And is the answer to "Addie what color is this?" no matter what the color it is "lello".

She loves to talk on the phone and "press the red button" and hang up on you! She says "Hi" and starts a full conversation! If you've talked to her, you've probably been hung up on, so you know.

She loves to say "Hi" and "Yeah" A LOT!

She really misses Lily "Lil lil" when she is gone (at school or still sleeping or most recently at a sleep over). She doesn't like to get something her sister doesn't get. She will usually share her snack or mint or fruit snack or vitamin, or whatever with Lily. If you give her two and say, give one to your sister, she always will and will never

She LOVES vitamins. She takes on Melaleuca multivitamin, one floride tablet, and one gummy calcium supplement. She remembers if she's had it already that day, and if you say that she has and she hasn't she throws a fit. She is usually right.

She remembers things. Things people say to her, things she did yesterday, where she put things.

Her hair is getting longer and she constantly asks to get her hair done with Lily, and then promptly rips it back out. She won't leave a "preppry" or a "Had Ban" (pretty or head band) in more than a few minutes.

Her favorite characters or Elmo, Clifford (ForFor), Dora (DoeDoe), and Little Einsteins (EinEin). She watches Elmo on TV, but the rest are all through books. She says "Pweese mama weed" and hands me a book. Again, melted heart.

There are so so so many more things I could list about her. I can't believe only 2 more months until she turns two. This year has flown. She is a constant source of joy for every member of our family and anyone who meets her.

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  1. Addie is such a sunshiny, unique beloved tiny little girl, and certainly a source of joy to her Grandma Lanie.