Monday, March 2, 2009

Proud Wifey

Lawrence told me at the beginning of the year that he was going to run in 6 races this year. He wants running to be less on and off in his life and wants to be healthier, and lose some of the belly for getting down in the snow to get ski boots on his kiddos.

So he planned to do one yesterday, March 1. Last week at Romp to Stomp he got really bad blisters. Also, ALL of the friends who said they'd like to do it with him didn't do it. Also, he didn't sign up until Friday night. Also, he hadn't run more than 2 miles and this race was a 5 miler. BUT...he did it anyway. He ran 3 days in the garage and 1 day on the track. He ran late a few days, after bedtime even. He did great. He ran the whole five miles in 10 minute miles and finished in 50 minutes.

Here is the link to his stats: Lawrence Herman Super Dad

Here is the link to photos: My Awesome Husband

He says he is also in photos #
#14, 16, 17, & 18...but that is unconfirmed as I have not found him in those... :)

In any case, the reason I am so proud is because it is very hard to schedule in fitness with our hectic life. It's easy to make excuses about the rain or muscle pain or our gynormous hills or whatever. It's hard to stay motivated. I'm just really proud of him for setting a goal and reaching it with no one keeping him accountable but himself. That's hard to do and I'm glad that we can support each other and ourselves to live healthier and stay more fit in order to be better parent, spouses, and to ourselves. Lawrence has signed Lily up for her first race on April 26 at the zoo, a half mile. This is another reason that I'm proud, he is setting an example for the girls about setting goals and keeping fitness a priority.

Go Lawrence. You have a proud wifey.

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