Thursday, March 19, 2009


When you tellAddie something, or more often, tell her not to do something, she typically has 3 possible answers.

1. Ah ayah ayuh (think whin-eeeeey, but not really crying, more of a yell)
2. No
3. Oh

Oh is by far the best. It is actually music to my ears, a relief of an answers. There is nothing more to say! :)

Addie: Poo-Poo (pointing to her diaper while I rock her before bed)
Me: No Addie, it's night night time, you don't need to go Poo-Poo
Addie: Oh


Me: Addie, stop putting your fingers in there, they are going to get smashed
A: Oh


Addie: (trying to put her "panties"/diaper cover under her tights, struggling) groan
Me: Addie, you put your tights under the panties
Addie: Oh

Addie: (Points at the TV) Elmo
Me: Nope, no Elmo
Addie: Peeeeeeese Mama
Me: Honey, Elmo isn't on right now
Addie: Oh

It's like she understands and accepts whatever it is that I'm telling her. And she stops. Like she wanted to see how the world was gonna work and I tell her something, anything, and now she knows.


I wish it was that easy. And I love that it sometimes is.

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