Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Coming together

Things are coming together, well, sort of. I have about 6 blogs started and not finished, a to do list a mile long, and never ending laundry and organizing to do. BUT...the good news, we have Lily enrolled for PreK next year, I'm down about 8 pounds with only about 10 more to go, my new employee started yesterday and (please please) seems to be really strong - making my life easier, we are interviewing au pair candidates for September (whole blog on this topic not yet complete...coming soon), finances are tight...but we have a plan, we are sticking to it, and it is working (blog complaining about money started, not yet finished...maybe coming soon), the bottom line on that is that even though it FEELS like we are running in circles with always a budget that feels too tight for comfort, we are getting somewhere, and since last year have are $28K less in debt (counting house and cars, etc). Progress. That's all any of this is. Progress. But it feels good.

Jeanine visited this weekend, we had a BLAST. So I have a blog for Romp to Stomp and her visit, for a wild night out on Jeremy's birthday, and also one started for all the cute and "new" things my kids are doing. Progress. I'll get there, I just have one more invoice to review, one more bill to pay, 60 more loads of laundry to do, an interview tonight with an au pair consultant (she said it's to address any questions we may have about the program, but I'm guessing it's also to check out our home and make sure it seems on the up and up for a cultural exchange), more soy reasearch to do, THEN, I think or maybe much later than then, will I get my blogs finished. In the meantime I will string you along with promises that I might keep, of course I want to, but this progress business takes a lot of time.

In the meantime, just know that is it all coming together, we are doing good. Everyone is healthy, which is more than it seems for everyone around us, plaqued with the flu and terrible colds (or morning sickness).

Here are the girls being silly playing with a pretend computer that the nanny left here. They have been having so much fun together, please disregard disaster of a house...I'm getting to that! :)

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