Monday, January 19, 2009

I bub boo

Addie told me she loved me tonight.

I thought she was asleep on my shoulder, and I was putting her to bed, closing my eyes, in the rocking chair, patting her back gently, in the dark and rubbing my cheek on her soft head.

She pulls back and is in a sitting position on her knees. She looks at me with her big big toothy smile and says "Hi" in a whisper.

"Hi" I whisper back.

I whisper, "Are you going to do a good job sleeping tonight?." She nods, still smiling.

I said, "I love you!"

She said, "I bub boo", then she laid back on my chest and went right to sleep.

Ahh...nothing else in the world really matters, does it?


  1. Jenny. That is sooooo sweet. So sweet.

  2. No fair making me cry while I am putting my make up on.

  3. I want this. And I frequently cry myself to sleep at night b/c I dont have it.

    I bub boo too.