Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Last Year's Christmas Eve Blog (2007)

I just finished filling my daughters' stockings. I smiled several times remembering the anticipation of waiting for Santa as a child. Wondering what he would bring and the moment that my stomach flipped as a filled stocking was first spotted in the morning.

Along with the rest of the kids out there, Lily was so excited today she could not calm down. We way over did it on presents for her this year. It is the first year that she really gets it and cheerfully sat on Santa's lap giving him her list. It was:
A monkey mouth (playdough like toy where you play dentist on a monkey)
Mr Potato Head
Orange Paper (no clue why Orange, but it has stayed on her list for a month!)

Santa also brought her a sled and all of the presents are arranged in it under her bulging stocking. I turned off the lights downstairs and looked back one more time at our fire place and smiled thinking of how excited she will be when she sees her stocking, sled, and the last half eaten cookie and empty glass of milk. How fun Christmas is to see it with the delighted eyes of a 3 year old.

It took her FOREVER to fall asleep tonight (a pretty common theme at our house on a normal night anyway), but she didn't get up even once to go potty because she was working so hard to get to sleep so Santa would come. Very sweet. She kept asking me all evening if Santa was on his way yet.

Obviously Addie doesn't care, she just loves watching her sister dance around and go crazy. She smiles and laughs at her non stop. She is so happy and good natured, nothing upsets her. She giggles and beside herself with glee everytime anyone even looks at her.

This year it is just our family of 4 here for Christmas. It is so nice & quiet (with the exception of Lily CRAZINESS), Lawrence cooked a ham today and tomorrow will be laid back. We are all wearing out matching Mickey/ Disney PJs tonight that Lily bought us and we got to open this morning.

So that's the update. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I'm certainly feeling very grateful for the "plenty" that we have at our house this year, I also look around my life and see that I have so many amazing people in it. What would I do without my wonderful friends and family, helping me to survive the ups and down of motherhood, career, & being a wife. The last few weeks I've been running on empty, so overwhelmed with all there is to do and the difficulty of juggling it all, but the last few days I'm running very full, finding the energy and patience where I thought there was none!

Best wishes and so much love to you all!

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