Friday, December 5, 2008

A funny little game we started

Lawrence and I have, without mention, started a funny little game.

It all began when I found his wedding ring balled up in a towel in the kitchen after he had his hand up the turkey's you know what the day before Thanksgiving. You'd think I would be grateful that I wasn't the one who had to do the dirty deed, but instead I was a little ircked that this token of our commitment had been tossed aside and absentmindedly forgotten in a dirty kitchen towel.

I took the ring and put it in our bathroom, waiting to see how long until he noticed.

4 days later he told me he had no clue where his ring could be. I considered waiting to tell him, letting him suffer. Until WHEN, I'm not sure, I put on my rational-this-is-the-love-of-my-life-why-do-I-want-him-to-feel-bad-? hat and told him that the ring was in our bathroom. He was glad it wasn't missing, and went on about his day.

A few days later, Sunday night, after he went to bed, I left the ring for him in the ring box he proposed with (also where I'd hidden it) next to his sink so he would again wear the symbol of our love the next day.

When I woke up, I found both my engagement ring and my wedding band in the box sitting next to my sink. I smiled and put them on. That night, he was in bed, and I took my rings off and put them in the soap dish, picked up his ring out of the soap dish and placed it in the box next to his sink. In the morning, he was gone and my rings were back in the box. I smiled and put them on.

We've now been going on like that for a week. Neither of us has said a word about it, nor thinks about it in the day. It's silly, I know. But we don't see each other in the mornings before work and there is this tiny moment that feels so sweet to know the other has carefully placed the ring for the other to wear for the day. And every time I reach for my ring in the morning, and find the box, I smile and put it on. I don't know the last time I smiled while putting on my rings in the morning, but it definitely isn't since our first year of marriage to be sure. It's usually a task not a sentiment. Until this game came along. Sweet huh?

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  1. So SWEET, you too are just too cute, I hope you both keep on playing the game